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Pakistan Day Basketball: Islamabad Bulls beat Islamabad Raptors by 69-57
Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD:-Islamabad Bulls overcame Islamabad Raptors with 69-57 score in an exhibition match regarding the Pakistan Day Celebrations that held under the aegis of Federal Basketball Association (FBBA) in Collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA)/Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI). Top Scorer for Bulls was Rizwan with 19, followed by Yasir with 18 and Ahmed with 16. Farhan was the top scorer for Raptors with 22 points. The match was officiated by Yasir Ghafoor, Ch. Nadeem, Umer Mahmood and Rizwan Ul Haq. Qamar ud Din Junejo, Deputy Director Sports & Cultural Department CDA/MCI, Ouj E Zahoor, General Secretary FBBA, officials of CDA/MCI and basketball lovers from the local community witnessed the exhibition match.  Ouj E Zahoor, General Secretary FBBA lauded the efforts of Sports and Culture Department of CDA/MCI in providing the sports infrastructure for the promotion of sports which has attracted local youth towards the game of basketball. Qamar ud Din on behalf of Director Sports & Cultural Department CDA/MCI Amir Shahzad and the Deputy Commissioner Mohmmad Hamza Shafqaat thanked FBBA for their efforts to promote the game of Basketball and announced that they would always have sports facilities available for FBBA to organize activities in Islamabad. Qamar ud Din gave away the winning Trophy and Rupees 15,000 cash prize to Islamabad Bulls and Rupees 10,000 cash prize to Islamabad Raptors.