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Billard Snooker
Islamabad set to meet Sindh in National Snooker Championship final
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI (January 2, 2023): Shan Namat from Islamabad and Sultan Mohammad from Sindh set their clash in the final of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 47th National Snooker Championship 2023 after overpowering their challengers in the respective semifinals here at NBP Sports Complex on Monday. The final will be played on Tuesday (tomorrow) at the same venue, as President NBP Rehmat Ali Hasnie will grace the final match as chief guest and will distribute the prizes among the players, as the final will be kicked off at 3:45 pm. In the first semifinal, Shan Namat (Islamabad) got-rid-of Awais Ullah Munir (Punjab) 6-1 with the score-line of 43-53, 61-35, 92-23, 65-23, 81-0 (81), 108-16 (108) and 70-06. Later, in the second semifinal, both cueist Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) and Shahid Aftab (Punjab) presented excellent skills in the game and amused the spectators with the classic game. Sultan finished the 11 frames semifinal 6-5. The final score-line was 73-18, 11-64, 53-61, 51-53, 20-64, 62-12, 63-55, 35-75, 64-53, 74-21, and 64-18. Results (Semifinals): Shan Namat (Islamabad) beat Awais Ullah Munir (Punjab) 6-1 (43-53, 61-35, 92-23, 65-23, 81-0 (81), 108-16 (108), 70-06) Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) beat Shahid Aftab (Punjab) 6-5 (73-18, 11-64, 53-61, 51-53, 20-64, 62-12, 63-55, 35-75, 64-53, 74-21, 64-18) Tuesday’s Fixture (final): Shan Namat (Islamabad) v Sultan Mohammad (Sindh)
National Snooker: Shan, Awais, Shahid and Sultan reach in semifinals
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: Shan Namat, Awais Ullah Munir, Shahid Aftab and Sultan Mohammad have confirmed their berths in the semifinals of the ongoing National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 47th National Snooker Championship 2023 after defeating their challengers at NBP Sports Complex Karachi on Sunday. The semifinals will be played on Monday at the same venue. Results (Quarterfinals): Shan Namat (Isb) beat Adil Abdul Jabbar (Bal) 5-1 (78-34, 62-10, 62-10, 62-8, 72-1, 48-76, 76-24) Awais Ullah Munir (Pjb) beat Mohammad Naseem Akhtar (Pjb) 5-3 (134-0(58), 28-55, 65-26, 70-71, 59-18, 07-77(68), 74-0, 63-39 (62) Shahid Aftab (Pjb) beat Akash Rafiq (KPK) 5-2 (59-19, 65-69, 60-54, 72-34, 54-69, 66-35, 56-52) Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) bt Sirbuland Khan (KPK) 5-2 (84-13, 26-72, 72-26, 72-01, 59-68, 83-07(62), 68-83) Monday’s Schedule (Semifinals): Shan Namat (Isb) v Awais Ullah Munir (Pjb) Shahid Aftab (Pjb) v Sultan Mohammad (Sindh)
National Snooker Championship: Ali Hamza beats Ahsan Ramzan 4-2
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: Ali Hamza outclassed Ahsan Eamzan 4-2 in the ongoing 8th National Snooker Championship at NBP Sports Complex Karachi on Thursday. Former World Champion and second seed, Ahsan Ramzan lost his encounter against Ali Hamza from Sindh 2-4. The final score-line was 5-92, 55-48, 48-17, 57-18, 69-11 and 66-62. Highest break of the match was 87 score. Results: Farukh Usman (Sindh) beat Shahid Aftab (Pb) 4-3 (60-70 (64), 47-40, 57-26, 0-141 (141), 42-73, 64-0, 57-38) Abdul Javed (Isb) beat Fawad Khan (Kpk) 4-2 (97-21, 51-91, 61-26, 78-67, 57-63, 61-50) Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh) beat Mohammad Ijaz (Pb) 4-0 (101-27(51), 74-62, 85-0(85), 56-47) Adil A. Jabbar (Bal) beat Mohammad Iftikhar (Sindh) 4-0 (74-32, 61-07, 90-8, 65-26) Mohammad Faizan (Sindh) beat Rizwan A. Aziz (Bal) 4-0 (49-21, 59-18, 72-01(52), 61-29) Sharjeel Mehmood (Kpk) beat Mubashir Raza (Pb) 4-1 (80-39, 70-58, 50-14, 36-67, 55-42) Awais Ullah Munir (Pjb) beat Saif Ali Khan (Bal) 4-0 (86-18(74), 70-0(60), 60-24, 79-18(55) Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) beat Amir Shehzad (Kpk) 4-3 (16-54, 66-31, 47-68, 77-13(60), 38-70, 72-36, 55-23) Mohammad Sajjad (Pjb) beat Jhanzaib Jahangir (Bal) 4-1 (67-46, 70-43(58), 66-43, 54-61, 78-01(76) Shan Namat (Isb) beat Mohammad Bilal (Pb) 4-1 (54-29, 65-15, 28-75, 71-45, 62-21) Ali Hamza (Sindh) beat Ahsan Ramzan (Pb) 4-2 (5-92, 55-48, 48-17, 57-18, 69-11, 66-62) Sirbuland Khan (Kpk) beat Rana Irfan (Pb) 4-3 (56-60, 31-74, 43-63, 69-61, 70-0, 71-23, 62-23) Waseem Abbas (Pb) beat Haris Tahir (Pb) 4-1 (80-12, 55-68, 78-30, 59-34, 87-45) Results (Day 1): Adil A. Jabbar (Bal) beat Mouhammad Ijaz (Pb) 4-3 (114-06 (90), 24-69, 31-73(58), 81-0(54), 30-71, 105-53, 78-65) Mubashir Raza (Pjb) beat Mohammad Faizan (Sindh) 4-1 (65-33, 5-66, 85-47(64), 76-10(68), 107-14 (92) Sharjeel Mehmood (Kpk) beat Rizwan A. Aziz (Bal) 4-1 (33-80(69), 60-09, 75-01, 61-02, 92-50) Awais Ullah Munir (Pb) beat Amir Shehzad (Kpk) 4-2 (105-07, 66-57, 61-73, 15-57, 60-27, 68-06) Sultan Mohammad (Sindh) beat Saif Ali Khan (Bal) 4-0 (68-30, 82-04, 91-50, 53-03) Friday’s Fixtures: Jhanzaib Jahangir (Bal) VS Mohammad Bilal (Pb) Ali Hamza (Sindh) VS Rana Irfan (Pb) Akash Rafiq (Kpk) VS Mohammad Jawed Ansari (Sindh) Waseem Abbas (Pb) VS Zaib Khan (Bal) Farukh Usman (Sindh) VS Fawad Khan (Kpk) Mohammad Ijaz (Pjb) VS Mohammad Iftikhar (Sindh) Rizwan A. Aziz (Bal) VS Mubashir Raza (Pb) Saif Ali Khan (Bal) VS Amir Shehzad (Kpk) Mohammad Sajjad (Pjb) VS Shan Namat (Isb) Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb) VS Sirbuland Khan (Kpk) Babar Masih (Pjb) VS Mohammad Naseem Akhtar (Pjb) Haris Tahir (Pjb) VS Abdul Sattar (Sindh) Shahid Aftab (Pjb) VS Abdul Javed (Isb) Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh) VS Adil A. Jabbar (Bal) Mohammad Faizan (Sindh) VS Sharjeel Mehmood (Kpk) Awais Ullah Munir (Pjb) VS Sultan Mohammad (Sindh)
WSF Juniors and Seniors Snookers Championships next year in Sydney
Sports Bulletin Report Sydney (AUS): The 2023 WSF Championships will run from 31 January – 11 February at the Mt Pritchard District and Community Club, known as ‘Mounties’ in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The event will include an open championship and a junior championship, each tournament carrying a World Snooker Tour card for its winner. One of the biggest international amateur competitions held for many years, the titles were won by China’s Si Jiahui and Ukraine’s Anton Kazakov respectively, with both players earning a two-year World Snooker Tour card from the start of the 2022/23 season. The inaugural WSF Championships staged in March 2018 were headlined by an all-new mixed gender competition won by China’s Luo Honghao, who alongside runner-up Adam Stefanow from Poland subsequently turned professional for the first time. Alongside this tournament, the event was also staged alongside the World Women’s Snooker Championship, won for the third time by Ng On Yee, while the first WSF Seniors Championship saw Brazil’s Igor Figueiredo defeat Darren Morgan to emerge victorious. In 2020, the WSF returned to Malta with the WSF Open and the new WSF Junior Open competition. For the first time these tournaments were staged as entirely open events, with players of any gender or nationality welcomed to compete. The junior competition was contested by China’s Gao Yang and England’s Sean Maddocks, with the former running out a 5-2 winner to claim the title and a two-year professional tour card. The open age competition saw Ashley Hugill reclaim his place on the World Snooker Tour with a 5-3 victory against Ukraine’s Iulian Boiko. All four finalists would ultimately earn professional status as a result of their performances, while several other players would be rewarded for their achievements by qualification for prestigious professional events including the World Championship.  
Asian Snooker Championship: Ahsan Ramzan and Mohammad Asif earn victories
Sports Bulletin Report DOHA-QATAR:-Duo of Pakistani cueists Ahsan Ramzan and Mohammad Asif have won their matches in the first round of 37th Asian Snooker Championship that started Doha, the capital city of Qatar on Saturday. The final will be played on March 16, 2022 at the same venue. As many as 44 players are fighting for top honour from different 20 countries of the region. All players have been divided in 11 groups, as each group has four snooker players. However, two players from each group will get the berth in the next round of the Asian Snooker Championship 2022. Results (Day-1): Ahsan Ramzan (Pak) beat Mansour Alobaidli (Qatar) 4-0 (62-39, 97-16, 53-10, 101-15(70),) Mohammad Asif (Pak) beat Aung Phyo (Myanmar) 4-3 (84-48(81), 42-68, 16-72, 87-27, 19-63, 68-43, 79-32) Fixtures (March 3, 2022): Mohammad Asif (Pak) v Essa Al Qubaisi (Qatar) Mohammad Sajjad (Pak) v Mohammad Al-Binali (Qatar) Ahsan Ramzan (Pak) v Pankaj Advani (India) Mohammad Asif (Pak) v Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand) Mohammad Sajjad (Pak) v Passakorn Suwannawat (Thailand)
Ahsan Ramzan wins the IBSF World Snooker Championship
Sports Bulletin Report DOHA-QATAR:-Pakistan’s upcoming 16-year old, Ashan Ramzan has won the IBSF World Snooker Championship 2022 after beating Amir Sarkosh from Iran 6-5 that concluded Doha Qater on Friday. The final score-line was 63-60, 91-0(70), 56-34, 01-102(102), 28-68, 27-66, 86-18, 1-70, 69-0, 63-17 and 67-25. The championship was played from March 6 to 11 in the capital city of Qatar under the banner of International Billiard and Snooker Federation (IBSF). The champion Ahsan Ramzan had defeated compatriot and defending champion Mohammad Asif in the semifinal 5-4 with a 102 points break. Ashan maintained the same game in the final against Iranian guy Amir Sarkosh and claimed with 6-5 frames victory.   Results (Semifinals): Amir Sarkosh (Iran) beat Mohammad Sajjad (Pak) 5-4 (64-32, 59-47, 77-25, 18-62, 103-14(102), 30-59, 09-75(62), 24-58, 66-01(64),) Ahsan Ramzan (Pak) beat Mohammad Asif (Pak) 5-4 (63-71, 21-60, 76-50, 75-51, 64-65, 63-46, 39-68, 69-62, 62-60) Result (Final): Ahsan Ramzan (Pakistan) beat Amir Sarkosh (Iran) 6-5 (63-60, 91-0(70), 56-34, 01-102(102), 28-68, 27-66, 86-18, 1-70, 69-0, 63-17, 67-25)
SSB-SJAS Sports Festival: Zeeshan Nazir lifts snooker title
Islamabad (Sports Desk):-Zeeshan Nazir from 24 News overcame experienced Mohsin Raza in the final of snooker event of the SSB-SJAS Sports Festival at the Legend Snooker Club. According to details, 24 journalists from different media houses participated in the event where Zeeshan Nazir played aggressively and beat Faizan Lakhani of Geo News in the semifinal and then outclassed tournament favorites Mohsin Raza in the best of 3 final. Later, President PBSA Irfan Motan distributed prizes along with Hanif Lakhani and Senior Vice president of SJAS Zubair Nazeer Khan.
Mohammad Sajjad wins the 46th NBP National Snooker Championship
SPORTS BULLETIN REPORT ISLAMABAD (October 10, 2021):-Mohammad Sajjad of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has won the 46th NPB National Snooker Championship 2021 after beating Ahsan Ramzan  7-6 in the final at NBP Sports Complex, Clifton, Karachi on Monday. The final score-line was 46-63, 72-33, 0-68, 7-72, 71-13, 14-59, 64-24, 75-62(65), 1-80, 103-27(80), 61-72, 121-13(121) and 60-50. Jawed Karim (President PBSA), Arif Usmani (President NBP), Asma Shaikh (SEVP NBP), Zulfiqar Ali Ramzi (                 Hon. Sec PBSA), Abdul Qadir Memon ( SVP – PBSA), Wahid Abdul Qadir (VP – PBSA), Saad Salman Dar (                   EVP – NBP), Arshad Hussain (VP Wing Head NBP), Shehzad Karimi (EVP NBP), Mohammad  Anwer Farooqi (AVP NBP) and other people watched the final. Karim Akram Khan presented the Highest Break Rs. 10,000 Prize + Trophy to Mohammad Sajjad (147). Chief guest Arif Usmani gave away cash prize of Rs. 100,000 and glittering trophy to winner Mouhammad Sajjad of National Bank of Pakistan.
National Snooker Championship; Sajjad and Ahsan set to play final
SPORTS BULLETIN REPORT ISLAMABAD (October 10, 2021):-Ace national cueist Mohammad Sajjad of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Ahsan Ramzan of Punjab qualified for the final of 46th NPB National Snooker Championship 2021 after beating Haris Tahir and Baber Mashi respectively by 6-4 and 6-5 in the semifinals at NBP Sports Complex, Clifton, Karachi on Sunday. The final will be played on Monday at same venue while president NBP Arif Usmani will grace the closing ceremony as chief guest at evening. Results (Semifinals):- Mohammad Sajjad (NBP) beat Haris Tahir (NBP) 6-4 (33-95, 66-57, 4-71, 69-0(51), 64-23, 59-71, 58-20, 61-89, 67-15, 62-29) Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) beat Babar Masih (Punjab) 6-5 (55-22, 83-9, 11-101(84), 83-8, 0-70, 58-59, 2-60, 84-2, 54-48, 46-57, 60-2)
National Snooker Championship: Sajjad claims historical victory
Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (October 9, 2021):-Mohammad Sajjad (NBP), Haris Tahir (NBP), Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) and Babar Masih (Punjab) qualified for the semifinals of 46th NBP National Snooker Championship 2021 after winning their respective quarterfinals matches at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Sports Complex, Clifton, Karachi on Saturday. Former National Champion Mohammad Sajjad registered a historical victory against Zulfiqar Ali Qadir in the first quarterfinal, as he achieved the milestone of maximum break of 147. He showed his supper form and played excellent shots. It happened for the first time by any player in a national championship, as he made this mark in the second frame of the quarter finals match. Later, in the penultimate quarterfinal, Ahsan Ramzan of Punjab ousted defending champion and top seed Mohammad Asif of NBP 5-2 in a thrilling seven frame contest. Ahsan Ramzan won the match with the score-line of 70-57, 44-83(83), 71-33, 93-45(66), 78-49 and 13-67. Results (Quarterfinals): Mohammad Sajjad (NBP) beat Zulfiqar Ali Qadir (Sindh) 5-4 (100-8(62), 147-0(147), 72-0(63), 77-52, 53-70, 1-64, 42-66, 55-35, 94-28) Haris Tahir (NBP) beat Shahid Aftab (Punjab) 5-2 (74-44, 68-24, 29-65, 43-64, 79-51(75), Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) beat Mohammad Asif (NBP) 5-2 (70-57, 44-83(83), 71-33, 93-45(66), 78-49, 13-67(56), Babar Masih (Punjab) beat Mohammad Faizan (Sindh) 5-1 (64-30, 100-27, 131-1(69-56), 74-12, 55-79, 61-8) Sunday’s Fixtures: 1st Semifinal: Mohammad Sajjad (NBP) v Haris Tahir (NBP) at 10:00 am 2nd Semifinal: Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) v Babar Masih (Punjab) at 12:30 pm