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BOXING - National 25 Sep, 2023

Association’s Revolutionary Steps Take Boxing Rise in KP: Zia-ul-Rehman
Ghani Ur RehmanPESHAWAR: Master Zia-ul-Rehman, Finance Secretary of the Provincial Boxing Association, said that it is a great news that revolutionary steps are being taken in the field of boxing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The announcement of the new cabinet under the auspices of Provincial Boxing Association Secretary Khaizrullah is an important step towards promoting development in the boxing sector and giving the best opportunities to the players.Khyber Pakhtunkhwa already has a long list of prestigious boxing players who have brought Pakistan international recognition. These players have made their country proud through their skills and their experience and strength point to other players.Ziaur Rahman said that the initiative of Chairman Akmal Jadoon and Secretary Khaizrullah is providing an opportunity to give basic training to boxing players and to make them stand out in international competitions. It is clear from his words that he considers boxing not only a game of physical skill but also a game of mental skill and his aim is to give the players the opportunity to reach different places.It is a big step to start the registration of boxing clubs and players in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and start working at the grass roots level to provide skills training and opportunities to players. Inshallah this will provide a better environment and opportunities for the players to progress and they can use their skills in the way of improvement.This announcement by the Provincial Boxing Association gives a chance for the boxers to step towards a brighter future and may be the beginning of a positive change in their path to success.Congratulations to Master Ziaur Rehman on this development and appreciate his intention to continue to promote development in the field of boxing and provide opportunities for athletes to include Pakistan in international projects. 

BOXING - National 31 Aug, 2023

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa names boxing players for Junior Championship
Ghani Ur RehmanPESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has announced the team, which will participate in the National Junior Boxing Championship to be held in Faisalabad from September 9 under the banner of the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF).According to an official, athletes from different districts of the province participated in the trials organized by the management committee of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Boxing Association (PBA) to choose the lads for the national juniors’ fixture. The trials were supervised by the Secretary of the Management Committee of the Provincial Boxing Association and former international boxer Khaizrullah.Names of selected players:Abrar (Swat) and Safian (Peshawar) in 46 kg weight, Zameer of DI Khan and Adnan of Swat in 48 kg, Syed (Kohat) and Abdullah Khalid (Hazara) in 50 kg, Shahid (Kohat) in 52 kg. And Musa (Peshawar), Ismatullah from G Main Bannu and Ahmed from DI Khan in 57 kg, Ismail from Hazara in 60 kg, Abdul Raziq from Swat and Asadullah from DI Khan, while Hussain from Hazara and Yusuf from DI Khan in 63 kg.Speaking to the media on this occasion, Secretary of the Management Committee of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Boxing Association Khaizrullah said that the responsibility assigned to him by the Boxing Federation would be my best effort to fulfill that in a benefiting manner.

BOXING - Int News 22 Dec, 2022

Indian Boxers wait for the Right Federation Decision
Sports Report Dubai (UAE): Professional boxer Karan Gill was declared winner on 14th December 2022 shortly after giving Keisham Singh a tough fight in six consecutive rounds, with scores provided by Judges Vikramjeet Singh (57-56), Kavita Bhanwala (58-55), and Anshul Dagar (57-56) indicating the fighter's victory in the Super Bantamweight Division. However, post declaration there was an effort to change the record. The Indian Boxing Council and Promoter Anirban Roy (United Professional Boxing) in a written email had declared a no-contest result for the pro boxer after a three-member Jury was tasked with conducting a video review of Karan Gill's victory over Keisham Luckyson Singh, thereby incorrectly removing all boxing records and stripping away the winning title from the fighter. Karan Gill and his manager brought the matter to the Indian Boxing Council's attention, requesting that a proper review be conducted after contesting a petition through proper channels. In contrast, the IBC (Indian Boxing Council) and the United Professional Boxing Promoter provided a written document stating that the referee's warning to boxer Keisham Luckyson in round 4 was incorrect. According to the IBC letter, Boxer Karan Gill was responsible for holding his opponent's neck along with repeatedly hitting his head multiple times in the same round, causing severe injury. As per the referee, Karan Gill should have been warned for "holding" and "hitting the back of the head" in the fourth round. That is when the Federation decided to remove Karan Gill's records without further complaint. Clarifying about the same Karan Gill’s manager, Jagtar Singh shares, “A boxing expert analyzed the fourth-round video for us. According to the expert, Karan Gill could not have received any warning about his punches based on the video. The incorrect arm was used by our opponent, Keisham Luckyson Singh, who was brought in by Mr. Anirban Roy, the Promoter of United Professional Boxing. During the first three rounds, Keisham was warned not to take a lower stance. After each round, I believe the referee told him the same thing, but he ignored it. And now the federation is attempting to hide what it did with other fighters who competed in different categories. Our boxer fought admirably against the promoter's fighter. But the promoter doesn’t want to create a negative image for his fighter which is why IBC has his full committed support. “We also had another fighter, Simranjeet Singh, who out of the blue got his fight scheduled with one of promoter’s fighters Boxer Manish without asking for it. Although there was another fight scheduled for Manish, but without asking if Siranjeet had participated, they updated our fighter’s score card as a loss round. Thankfully they deleted the record then after clarifying with them. What if we haven’t noticed “, questions Jagtar Singh Also not stopping there Karan Gill’s manager further clarifies,” The Federation and the promoter of United Professional Boxing does has a history of misplacing records and erasing stats of extremely talented fighters. Akashdeep Singh, another talented boxer, had a fight scheduled with a candidate of the promoter’s organized by IBC but ended up fighting with an individual of another category. Though,  our fighters did win this category but again his records were deleted from the charts.” In the end Jagtar Singh said: “We sincerely hope that the Federation and the promoter will accept their trial of errors and rectify all stats with careful judgement and precision especially for Karan Gill. For if there are good fighters, they will never be able to compete or participate in future events if there is always such confusion regarding rectifying one’s results.”

BOXING - National 04 Dec, 2022

Army Boxers win National Boxing Championship 2022
Sports Bulletin Report QUETTA: Pakistan Army have won the 39th National Men’s Boxing Championship 2022 that concluded Ayub Stadium, Quetta on Sunday. Hosts Balochistan’s boxers clinched 2nd position. Boxer Ilyas Hussain was named the best boxer of the championship. Boxers from Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy, Pakistan, WAPDA, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Police, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and host Balochistan participated in the championship. Organizing Secretary of 39th National Boxing Championship Syed Hafeez Agha, Vice President PBF, Shahnaz Kamal Khan, Joint Secretary Ahmara Sattar, Joint Secretary Major Irfan, former international boxers Mirwaiz, Faizuddin Kakar, Pikar Khan, and others were present. General Secretary PBF Nasir Ijaz Tong in his speech paid tribute to Balochistan Boxing Association and Balochistan Youth Sports Department for organizing the wonderful championship and asked them to organize such boxing championships in the future as well. Pakistan Boxing Federation will give full cooperation. Bashir Ahmed Achakzai, Gul Hussain, Asif Kakar, Rustam Baloch, Sher Mohammad, Fida Hussain, Asam Chatta, Mohammad Shoaib Hazara, Arshad Hussain, Qamar Shaheen, Syed Kamal Khan, Tahir Ayub, Bashir Shuja, Rashid Minhas, Mohammad Athar Aziz and Uzma Qamar performed the duties of referees, while Mohammad Younis Phatan, Captain Habibullah Jafari, Qadir Zaman, Abdul Haq and Jamshed Kazmi were the members of jury. Results (Men’s Events): Pakistan Army: 9 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronze Pakistan WAPDA: 3 golds and 4 silvers Balochistan won 1 gold and 2 silvers. In 48 kg: Jahanzeb Khan (WAPD) beat Zohaib Rashid (Navy) 3-2, in 51 kg Taha (Urmi) beat Sajid Rashid (Navy) 3-2, in 54 kg Zakir Hussain (Urmi) beat Noor. Ali Balochistan 4-1 to 57 kg Ilyas Hussain (Urmi) defeated Kaleemullah (WAPDA) 5-0 to 60 kg Muhammad Ibrahim (Urmi) defeated Mohibullah (WAPDA) 3-2 to 63.5 kg In Naqibullah (WAPDA) beat Abrar Ali (Urmi) 4-1 in 67 kg Gulzeb (Urmi) beat Rafiullah Balochistan 4-1 in 71 kg Ehsan (Balochistan) beat Saeed Anwar (Urmi) 5 - In 0 to 75 kg, Saiful Manan (Urmi) beat Tanveer Ahmed (Navy) 3-2 in 80 kg, Bilawal Zia (Urmi) beat Ismatullah (Police) 4-1 in 86 kg, Zeeshan Ali ( Urmi) beat Neematullah (WAPDA) 4-1 in 92 kg Irfan Khan (Urmi) beat Najeebullah (WAPDA) 3-2 + 92 kg Sanaullah (WAPDA) beat Mehmoodul Hasan (Airforce) Defeated Results (Women's Events): Sindh: 2 gold and 2 silver HEC: 1 gold and 2 silver Balochistan: 1 gold and 1 bronze In 48 kg: Umm Labinan (Baluchistan) beat Nida (Sindh) 3-2 to 50 kg, Hamnia Mumtaz (HSC) beat Sana Atif (Punjab) 3-2 to 52 kg, Guljaban (Sindh). Rabia Batul (Urmi) 4-1 in 54 kg Ramsha Ghaffar (Urmi) beat Princess Sakhi (HEC) 4-1 in 57 kg Marine Baloch (Air Force) beat Ayman (Sindh) Sahara (Sindh) defeated Komal Akhlaq (AJK) 5-0 in 60kg by 4-1. Secretary Sports and Youth Affairs of Balochistan Mohammad Ishaq Jamali has said that Balochistan was the center of sports and the cradle of Aman. Under the auspices of the Association, with the support of the Sports Department of Balochistan, PSB was speaking at the closing ceremony of the 39th National Men's and 3rd National Women's at Ayub Stadium, Quetta.   

BOXING - Int News 01 Dec, 2022

Mohammad Shoaib beats Indonesian boxer to lift ABF Boxing title
Sports Bulletin Report BANGKOK: Pakistan’s Mohammad Shoaib defeated Hendrik Barongsay of Indonesia to seal the Asian Boxing Federation (ABF) lightweight championship belt. Promising pugilist Mohammad Shoaib produced a masterclass to overcome Hendrik Barongsay of Indonesia in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday night. The 25-year-old Quetta-born boxer, who has now won all his four pro fights he featured so far, prevailed over his seasoned opponent in the 10th round with the official scorecard after the fight reading 117-57 for him. Known as the “Coolest Boy”, Shoaib had outwitted Thai boxer Sornram Sopakul in Bangkok in September this year to qualify for fighting for the Asian title. Mohammad Shoaib said: “I knew my opponent was a seasoned boxer but I believed in myself. I knew I could beat him. I wanted to make it a spectacular match for the audience at the event, as well as my fans back home. My opponent lost the way as I targeted to outsmart him in the early rounds. My dream is to raise the green flag high in the world. I’m thankful to the nation for supporting me and praying for my success.”

BOXING - National 30 Nov, 2022

National Boxing Championship: Girls lift 5 medals for HEC
Sports Bulletin Report Quetta: Higher Education Commission (HEC) claimed 5 medals including one gold, two silvers and two bronzes in the 3rd Women’s National Elite Boxing Championship that was taken place in Quetta. Nine women teams including Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Islamabad, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and HEC participated in the championship. HEC Director/In-Charge Sport Javed Ali Memon said: “It is a proud moment for the HEC women boxing team, coaches and managers that HEC has performed well in the Elite Boxing Championship”. He added that with the approval of HEC Chairman Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, HEC had recently organized the first Inter-Varsity Women's Boxing Championship with the support of Pakistan Boxing Federation to provide equal opportunities for female students.

BOXING - Int News 30 Nov, 2022

Sandeep Singh Bhatti to fight against Issac Lowe undercard Tyson Fury
Sports Bulletin Report NEW DELHI: Pro boxer Sandeep Singh Bhatti has been chosen to box for Tyson Fury's undercard team. With the backing of world athlete promoters Top Rank (the boxing promotional company founded by Jabir Herbert Mohammad and Bob Arum) and Frank Warren (the founder of Queensbury Promotions), Sandeep Singh Bhatti will compete against British professional boxer Issac Lowe on December 3, 2022. Sandeep Singh Bhatti, who was recently signed by the sports management company, is well-known for his 8-round WBC Title victory over Afghan boxer Aimal Sediqzada. After competing in a number of Indian professional boxing tournaments, he will be now fighting under Tyson Fury's card, with the opportunity to become the next undisputed boxing champion. Neeraj Goyat, Owner VN Promotions said: “Sandeep is more of a fighter than a boxer. He has not only raised the bar for professional boxing in India, but his selection in the upcoming undercard fight will undoubtedly establish him as a new fan favorite in the combat sporting community.” “Sandeep is one of our top professional boxing talents we have in India at the moment. Top Rank and Frank Warren's assistance has allowed him to compete against international boxing champions such as Issac Lowe who is now regarded as one of the best professional boxers in the world. Sandeep Singh Bhatti said: “In my career, facing off against such a professional fighter is a huge step forward. I'd like to thank particularly Neeraj Goyat my manager for pulling this one off and Top Rank India and Frank Warren, for allowing my talent to compete in an international league fight so early in my career. Bob Arum, Founder and CEO of Top Rank said: "Professional Boxing has found a huge fanbase here in India; I am quite surprised by the response and adoration Indian fans have for combat sports, as well as how it engages even non-sports fans. Our goal has always been to support athletes like Sandeep and to open doors for pro boxing to grow beyond national boundaries. We want professional boxing to have a bigger and stronger commercial viability globally, similar to cricket and football, and we hope to inspire it."

BOXING - National 01 Nov, 2022

Young Stars Club win Azadi Cup Boxing Tournament
Sports Bulletin Report HYDERABAD: Young Stars Club boxers have won the Azadi Cup Boxing Tournament after showing impressive performance that concluded here on Tuesday. Basharat Ali, Khalil Ahmed, Shabbir Baloch, Shah Jahan Ali, Asad Baloch and Faisal Shah performed the duties of referee judges on the occasion. As many as 38 boxers from 7 clubs participated in the one-day events. Results (finals): Alian Shah (Mumtaz Club) beat Zeeshan Khan (Young Man) 3.0 in 30 kg Mohammad Ali (Mumtaz Club) defeated Hafeez (Mirpur Khas) 3-0 in 0-40 kg Zeeshan Qanbarani (Young Star) beat Ali Raza (Maher Ali Shah) 3-0 to 50 kg  Faraz (Young Star) beat Mushtaq Qanbarani (Young Star) 3-0 to '52 kg in 48 kg Salman (Young Men Club) beat Amanullah (Young Star) 3-0 to '57 kg Qamar Baloch (Young Star) beat Inamullah (Young Men Club) ) 3-0 to '60 kg Waqas (Mehran Club) beat Salim (Mehran Club) 3-0 Musab (The Fight Club) beat Afaq (Young Man) 3-0 in 54 kg Zarar Baloch (Fight Club) beat Murtaza (Mir Club) 2-1 in 71 kg

BOXING - Int News 16 Oct, 2022

Iran International Kickboxing Championship: Pakistan grab six golds
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE: Pakistan’s kickboxing athletes have won six gold medals in the Iran International Kickboxing Championship that was taken place at Sports Gymnasium Mazandaran, Iran. According to the details, teams from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan participated in the Iran International Kickboxing Championship, as the Green Shirts snatched 6 gold and 2 silver medals and Pakistan became the winner of the Iran International Kickboxing Championship. Asad Ali and Shahshah Naqi played in a style and attacked their opponents by attacking them and won the gold medals for Pakistan. Apart from them, four Pakistani players won gold medals, Ahmad Arshad won the silver medal by performing brilliantly in the event. Mazandaran Kickboxing Association Iran Secretary Master Farshad Sher Aghan distributed medals and certificates to the players, besides Mubarak Ali Shah. The officials of the teams of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, including Nadeem Ali Janjua, also distributed medals and certificates to the players.

BOXING - National 07 Jul, 2022

National Youth Boxing Championship: Islamabad earn 10 medals including 1 gold
Sports Bulletin Report ISLAMABAD:-Islamabad boxing team secured 10 medals in the National Youth Championship that concluded in Karachi on other day. Zahoor Abbas in 63 weight category garbed gold medal while Mohammad Mursalin Yaseen and Ahsan Arshad got silver medals. In the girls’ event, Islamabad got one silver and two bronzes. (Boys Category medals) Zahoor Abbas (Weight 63) Gold Mohammad Mursalin Yaseen (Weight -70) Silver Ahsan Arshad (Weight -80) Silver Sajid khan (weight 48) Bronze Mohammad Saqib (Weight 51) Bronze Raees ur Rehman (Weight 57) Bronze Kareeb ullah (Weight 60) Brown  (Girls category medals) Maham Baig (Weight -57) Silver Noor Fatima Zahid (Weight -60) Silver Bushra Akhtar (Weight -52) Bronze Team Officials: Manager: Namood Muslim Coach: Sardar Khan Coach: Mudassir Bashir