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ITC Open Tennis Championship: Hamza Asim beats Yawar Ali 2-1 in final
Sports Bulletin Report ISLAMABAD: Hamza Asim overpowered Yawar Ali 2-1 in the Men’s Singles final of the ITC Open Tennis Championship that concluded here at Islamabad Tennis Complex (ITC) on Saturday. The final score-line was 6-3, 4-6, and 10-6. In the men’s singles final, Hamza Asim and Yawer Ali showed their class and played an outstanding game. In the Super tie break Hamza Asim showed powerful forehand and changed the match in his favour. Hassan Baig Vice President of Islamabad Tennis Association along with other club members distributed the prizes among the winners and runner ups. Results (Men’s Singles Semifinals): Hamza Asim beat Zalan Khan 8-2 Yawar Ali beat Salar Khan 8-6 Final: Hamza Asim beat Yawar Ali 6-3, 4-6 (10-6) Men’s Doubles (Final): Yawar Ali and Zalan beat Murtaza Khan and Amin Khan 6-3, 3-6, (10-7) Ladies’ Singles (Final): Marukh Sajid beat Lalarukh Sajid 8-4 Boys’ Under-18 (Final): Mohammad Salar beat Haziq Asim 6-3, 5-7, (10-6) Boys’ Under-14 (Final): Haziq Asim beat Abdul Wasay 6-0, 6-3 Girls’ Under-18 (Semifinals): Marukh beat Ayesha 8-4 Lalarukh beat Amara Khan 8-4 Final: Marukh beat Lalarukh 8-2; Girls’ Under-14 (Semifinals): Lalarukh beat Aysha 8-4 Marukh beat Zara 8-1; Final: Lalarukh Sajid beat Marukh Sajid 8-3.
ITC Open Tennis Championships start in Islamabad on Saturday
Sports Bulletin Report ISLAMABAD: The ITC Open Tennis Championships started on Saturday, as over 80 players are participating in different categories here at Islamabad Tennis Complex (ITC) G-6. Results (Men’s Singles Round-1): Hamza Asim beat Hammad Ali 8-2; Petro beat Taimur Adil 8-2; Mustansir Ali beat Inam Qadir 8-4; Zalan beat Ali Akbar Ali Malik 8-2;  Awais Iqbal beat Ali zain 8-2; Mohammad Salar beat Adnan Rasheed 8-4; Abdullah Shafaqat beat Haseeb Inayat 8-1; Yawar Ali beat Abdul Rehman 8-0 Quarterfinals: Hamza Asim beat Petro 8-0;  Zalan Khan beat Mustansir Ali 8-2; Mohammad Salar beat Awais Iqbal 8-2; Yawer Ali beat 8-3 Men’s Doubles (Quarterfinal): Raja Asif & Sardar beat Faisal Khan & Asim sheikh 8-3; Kashif Khan and Khurram Baig beat Awais Ahmed and Mustafa 8-4; Zalan Khan and Yawer Ali beat Taimoor Adil and Akbar Ali 8-4; Murtaza Khan and Ameen Khan beat Raja Safdar and Saleem Abbassi 8-2; Semifinal: Yawar Ali and Zalan beat Raja Asif and Sardar Sami 8-2 Murtaza Khan and Amin Khan beat Kashif Khan and Khurram Baig 8-3; Ladies’ Singles (Quarterfinal): Shandana Rabi beat Ayesha Masood 8-1 Amara khan beat Dana Psenicova 8-2 Lalarukh Sajjid beat Zarmeena 8-2 Marrukh Sajjid beat Asma 8-4 Semifinals: LalaRukh beat Shandana Rabi 8-2 Marrukh Sajjid beat Amara Khan 8-2 Boys’ Under-18 (Quarterfinals): Mustansir Ali beat Hamza Asim 8-3 Mohammad Salar beat Abdul Wasay 8-2 Sameer Kiyani beat Ali Zain 8-0 Haziq Asim beat Inam Qadir 8-4 Boys’ Under-14 (Quarterfinals): Ammar Masood beat Suleman Niazi 8-2 Sameer Maqsood beat Orhan Sohail 8-0 Abdul Wasay beat Awais Khan 8-3 Haziq Asim beat Ameen Khan 8-2; Semifinal: Haziq Hamza beat Ammar Khan 8-0 Abdul Wasay beat Sameer Maqsood 8-2; Girls’ Under-18 (Quarterfinals): Amara Khan beat Quratulain 8-2 Ayesha Masood beat Zara Shebaz 8-6 Marrukh Sajjid beat Yasmeen 8-1 Lalarukh Sajjid beat Amna Ali 8-3 Girls’ Under-14 (Quarterfinals): Lalarukh Sajjid beat Shiza Khan 8-1 Ayesha Masood beat Noreen 8-3 Zara Shebaz beat Sonia 8-5 Marrukh Sajjid beat Ayesha 8-2
Tennis Lovers Championship 2023: Asad, Ahtesham in semifinals
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE: Asad Zaman, Ahtesham Humayun, Hamid Israr, and Mohammad Salaar have reached in the semifinals of the 4th Tennis Lovers Junior National Tennis Championship after winning their respective boys Under-18 singles quarterfinals played here at Punjab Tennis Academy, Bagh-e-Jinnah on Thursday. Results: Boys’ Under-18 (Quarterfinals): Asad Zaman (Ali Embroidery Mills) beat Shahzaib Zahid 6-2, 6-2, Ahtesham Humayun beat Arman Kamran 6-4, 6-4, Hamid Israr beat Yafat Nadeem 6-2, 6-0 and M Salaar beat Hamza Ali Rizwan 6-3, 6-0.   Boys’ Under-14 (Quarterfinals): Amir Mazari (Aitchison) beat Aryan Hassan 4-0, 4-0, Hamza Ali Rizwan beat Haziq Areejo 4-0, 4-0, Nabeel Ali Qayum beat Ismail Aftab 2-4, 4-0, 4-0 and Abubakar Talha beat M Umer Ali 3-0 (rtd).  Boys/Girls Undr-12 (Quarterfinals): Abdur Rehman (SICAS) beat Mohammad Umer Ali 4-0, 4-1, Hajra Suhail (SICAS) beat Bismel Zia 2-4, 4-2, 4-2 and Rashid Ali Bachani beat Junaid Khan 4-1, 5-3. Boys/Girls Under-10 (Quarterfinals): Rashid Ali Bachani beat Hassan Alam 4-2, 4-0, Mohammad Ibraheem Hussain Gill beat Shahzaib Faisal 4-1, 5-3 and Mohammad Ehsan Bari beat Ali Saqib 5-3, 4-1.
RMTA National Seniors and Juniors Tennis Championships conclude
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: The 6th RMTA McDonalds National Seniors & Juniors Tennis  concluded here at DA Creek Club on Saturday, Air Vice Marshall (AVM) Razi Nawab graced the closing ceremony as the chief guest to give away trophies to winners and runners up of various disciplines. Nadir Mirza of RMTA claimed an upset victory, as he defeated top seed Asad Zaman of Lahore in the final of Juniors Under 18 Singles with the score-line of 6-3 and 6-3. Mohammad Khalid Rehmani, Vice president Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) announced to hold two more national tournaments in province Sindh before Ramadan. He congratulated winners and runners up of various events, 200 plus entries were received from various parts of country. Results (Finals): Under 18 Singles: Nadir Mirza beat Asad Zaman 6-3, 6-3 Under 16 Singles: Mikaeel Ali Baig beat Asad Zaman 7-5, 6-2 Under 14 Singles: Mikaeel Ali Baig beat Samer Zaman 4-2, 4-2 Under 12 Singles: Abdul Rehman beat Hajra Suhail 4-2, 4-5, 4-2 Under 10 Singles: Rashid Ali Bacahani beat Majid Ali 5-3, 5-3 35 Plus Singles: Saqib Zia beat Shumaeel Tajamuul 8-4 Under 18 Doubles: Amir Mazari + Mikaeel Ali Baig beat Nadir Mirza & Asad  Zaman 8-6 Girls Open Singles: Hajra Suhail beat Zainab Ali 8-1
Afeef Beach View Sindh Ranking Tennis Concludes: Farhan wins the title
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: The 4th Afeef Beach View Sindh Ranking Tennis Championships concluded on Saturday here at Beach View Club with the victory of Farhan Altaf, who defeated Nadir Bachani in straight sets 2-0 in the final, as the final score-line was 6-0 and 6-2. Amir Niazi, Chief Executive of Afeef Group was the chief guest at the closing ceremony and distributed trophies among winners & runner-ups of various disciplines. Khalid Rehmani, President, Karachi Tennis Association (KTA) on this occasion announced to hold the 11th Essa Lab National, 6th McDonalds National, 9th Indus Pharma National, Beach Tennis Championships, 1st IT Technology Karachi Games before Ramadan in 2023. Rashid Siddiqui, Managing Director Afeef Group urged the government to support all sports significantly to create a healthy society in the country and promised to continue sponsoring the 5th Addition of Afeef Ranking Tournaments in 2023 as well. Other prominent present at the  closing ceremony were; Rafiq Rangoon Wala, Mohammad Taqi, (Fencing ), Sadaf  Jan ( Rotary Club) Naseem Shah ( Rotary), Mahiya Moin, Erum Bulkhari, Raisa Ashfaq, Fahmida Zameer, Sarwar Hussain, Mohammad Asif, and Wheelchair Coordination Committee Members, Mohammad Ayub & Imran Siddiqui. Results (finals): Men’s Singles: Farhan Altaf beat Nadir Bachani 6-0, 6-2 Girls’ Under-15 Singles: Eschelle Asif beat Zunaira 4-0, 4-0 Men’s Doubles: Farhan Altaf + Ali Mansoor Zaidi beat Haris Tariq+ Saifullah 8-4 Juniors’ Under-17: Kashan Tariq beat Dhuraf Das 6-1, 6-2 Under 13 Singles: Laraib Shamsi beat Faiz Ilyas 1-4, 5-4, 4-2 Under-13 Singles: Aidh Imran beat Arsh Imran 4-2, 5-3 Wheelchair Tennis: Mohammad Ayub beat Imran Siddiqui 6-2.
Afeef Beach View Sindh Ranking Tennis to start on December 24
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: The 4th Afeef Beach View Sindh Ranking Tennis Championship will be staged from December 24 to 30, 2022 at DHA Beach View Club Karachi under the banner of Sindh Tennis Association (STA) and Karachi Tennis Association (KTA). According to an official, the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies’ Singles, Girls Under-15 Singles, Under- 17 Singles and Wheelchair Men’s Singles competitions will be held during the 6-day fixture. Organizers also added few local events to promote young players of the city including Under-17 Singles, Under-15 Doubles, Under-13 Singles, Under-11 Singles, Special Boys and Girls Singles. The players from other cities shall be given an economy class railway fare and daily allowances as per STA Rules. The final entry date will be December 22, 2022, as the players may contact Mohammad Khalid Rehmani at his WhatsApp number 0300 3607209. Gulzar Firoz is the president of Organizing Committee, Mohammad Khalid Rehmani, Referee, Qudsia Raja, Assistant Referee, Sarwar Hussain, Organizing Secretary, Salman Karim Mughal, Raisa Ashfaq, Farha Riaz, Perween Akhter, Afshan Shabbar, Shagufta Samadani are the members.  A coordination Committee comprising, Aqeel Shabbir, Imran Siddiqui, Mohammad Ayub and Amjad Ali will conduct Wheelchair Tennis and Special persons Singles disciplines.
MID COURT ATF Under-14 Championships Leg-2 concludes
Sports Bulletin Report Islamabad: MID COURT- Athletes Unraveled ATF Under-14 Championships 14 Leg-2 concluded in a highly befitting manner at PTF Tennis Complex Islamabad. In Boy's doubles final, Abubakar Talha / Zohaib Afzal Malik beat Amir Mazari / Samer Zaman 7-6, 6-4 and won the MID COURT- Athletes Unraveled ATF Under-14 Championships Leg-2 title. Tariq Mahmood Murtaza President Islamabad Tennis Association (ITA) and Chairman of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) graced the occasion as chief guest and distributed the prizes. Murtaza, while addressing the participants, appreciated the standard of the young players. He also congratulated the winners and runners-up. He hoped that conduct of such tournaments will further improve the quality of our players in the very infancy.
Ibrahim Hussain Gill defeats Ahsan Bari in Under-10 Quarterfinal
SPORTS BULLETIN REPORT LAHORE:-Ibrahim Hussain Gill defeated Ahsan Bari in Under-10 quarterfinal, as the semifinals and finals of the New Khan Punjab Junior Tennis Championship will be played on Saturday at the Punjab Tennis Academy, Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore. In the boys Under-18 quarterfinals, Waleed Humayun beat Zaeem Ghafoor 7-6. In the boys U-16 quarterfinals, Waleed Humayun beat Abubakar Khalil 6-1, M Sohaan Noor beat Zain Saeed 6-3, Ismail Ahmad beat Eesa Bilal 6-1. In the boys U-16 doubles quarterfinal, Ameer Hamza/Abdur Rehman beat Aalay Husnain/Eesa Bilal 6-2. In the boys/girls Under-10 quarterfinal, Hajra Suhail beat Shafay Iqbal 6-0, Muaz Shahbaz beat Moosa Daowood Baig 6-4, Ayyan Shahbaz beat Zayd Ahmad 7-5 and M Ibrahim Hussain Gill beat Ahsan Bari 6-2. In the boys/girls U-10 pre-quarterfinals, Muaz Shahbaz beat Hassan Alam 6-1, Ayyan Shahbaz beat Aiman Rehan 6-0 and Ahsan Bari beat Zainah 7-5. Adil Khan Rokhari, CEO New Khan, will grace the prize distribution ceremony as chief guest.
National  Juniors Tennis: Asad lifts double crown
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE:-Rising tennis star Asad Zaman lifted the double crown in the Kamran Steel Punjab Junior Tennis Championship 2022 that concluded here at the Punjab Tennis Academy, Bagh-e-Jinnah on Friday. Asad of Ali Embroidery Mills won his first title by defeating Waleed Humayun 6-2, 6-2 in the boys Under-18 final while he doubled his crown after overpowering Kashan Tariq 6-2, 6-2 in the Under-16 final. Asad Zaman thanked Mr. Tariq Zaman, CEO Ali Embroidery Mills, for his all-out support due to which he is clinching national junior titles one after another. He said that he is committed to work harder and win more national titles and also wants to excel at the international tennis circuit. Zahra Saleman claimed the girls U-18 title after thrashing Hajra Sohail 6-0 while the boys U-14 title went to Hashir Alam, who thumped Mohammad Sohan Noor 6-0. The boys U-14 doubles title was lifted by Sohan Noor/Abdul Rehman, who defeated Aal-e-Hussain/Essa Bilal 6-3. Abdul Rehman outpaced Hajra Sohail 6-3 to win the boys/girls U-12 title. Hajra Sohail grabbed the boys/girls U-10 title by crushing Zaid Hamid 6-0. In the boys girls U-8 category, Ehsan Bari won the gold medal, Ibrahim Siraj silver medal and Ibrahim Dawood bronze medal. In the boys/girls U-6 category, Mamnoon won the gold medal and Hafsa Sohail claimed the silver medal. Secretary Sports and Youth Affairs Asadullah Faiz graced the occasion as chief along with Kamran Steel Director Mian Mohsin. Both the guests distributed the prizes and certificates among the position holders during the prize distribution ceremony. Appreciating the passion and enthusiasm of the young tennis players, both the guests encouraged them and expressed the hope that if they continue to play with the same passion and work harder, the future of Pakistan tennis seems very bright. Other notable present on the occasion were Sohail Malik from Canada, PLTA Secretary Rashid Malik, players, their parents and tennis lovers. Rashid Malik especially thanked Secretary Sports Asadullah Faiz for encouraging the players with his arrival and also arranging kit bags for the participants of first-ever High Performance Tennis Training Camp 2022. Malik also extended special thanks to Kamran Steel Director Mian Mohsin, who took steps for the promotion of tennis and especially for PLTA’s junior development program. He hoped that Kamran Steel would continue to work with the PLTA for the betterment of tennis in the long run. Secretary Sports Asadullah Faiz also announced that in collaboration with Punjab Lawn Tennis Association, the Sports Board Punjab will organize the Chief Minister Punjab ATF Under-16 Tennis Championship 2022 last quarter of this year here at the Tennis Stadium of State-of-the-Art Nishtar Park Sports Complex.
Kamran Steel Punjab Junior Tennis Championship starts
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE:-The Kamran Steel Punjab Junior Tennis Championship started here at the Punjab Tennis Academy Bagh-e-Jinnah on Monday. PLTA Secretary Rashid Malik (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz), who is also Tournament Director, inaugurated the event at a colorful opening ceremony, which was also attended by players, their families and tennis lovers. PLTA Secretary General Rashid Malik thanked Kamran Steel management for sponsoring this event and hoped that they would continue to support this beautiful game of tennis, which is growing fast in Pakistan with each passing day and Pakistani youngsters have started excelling at ATF and ITF events. Recently, Hussnain Ali Rizwan of Lahore, Punjab has been selected in Grand Slam Junior Development Program Team, which is a great honour for Pakistan, PTF and PLTA. There are so many young tennis stars, who are doing wonders for Pakistan in international events and one of them will win Grand Slam for Pakistan in future Insha'Allah. Earlier in the Under-18 quarterfinals, Hassan beat Ali Jawad 6-1, Waleed Humayun beat Kashan Tariq 6-3, Hamza Jawad beat Zahra Suleiman 6-1 and Asad Zaman beat Aized Khalil 6-3. In the Under-16 quarterfinals, Aized Khalil beat Ali Jawad 6-3 and Kashan Tariq beat Eesa Bilal 6-1. In the boys Under-14 quarterfinals, Mohammad Sohan Noor beat Hafiz Hassan 6-0, Hashir Allan beat Aalay Hussain 6-2 and Abdur Rehman beat Hafiz Hussain 6-0. In the boys/girls Under-12 quarterfinals, Abdur Rehman beat Ahmad Khuda Bakhsh 6-0, Bismil Zia beat Taha Asad 6-0 and Hamza Sohail beat Ahsan Bari 6-0.