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United Kings win Federal Cup Basketball Tournament
Sports Bulletin Report ISLAMABAD:-Federal Cup 3x3 Men & Women Basketball Tournament held under the banner of Federal Basketball Association (FBA) in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) / Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) at F-6, Multi-Purpose Sports Centre, Islamabad. As many as 28 teams participated in the men’s event from twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Teams were divided in to 4 pools. After group stage 8 teams qualified for quarter finals. In the first quarter final United Kings-A outclassed Bulls-A by 14 to 12 points. In the second quarter final Timber Wolves-A defeated Dynamites by 13 to 10 points. In the third quarter final Bull-B beat Raptors-A by 14 to 12 points. In the fourth quarter final Raptors-B beat Zooties by 14 to 08 points. The first semi-final was played between United Kings-A and Timber Wolves-A. The match was won by United Kings-A by 14 to 07 points to qualify for the final. Meanwhile, in the second semi-final Bulls-B defeated Raptors-B by 17 to 10 points to reach the final. In the final match, United Kings-A outclassed Bulls-B to win first ever Federal Cup by 17 to 12 points.  In the Women event, six teams took part from twin cities. 3 each team were divided into two pools. After group stage 4 teams qualified for semi-finals. In the first semi-final, Bahria-A overcame Lycans-B by 6 to 2 points to reach final. In the second semi-finals Lycans-A outplayed easily Bahria-A by 08 to 03 points and qualified for final. In the final match, Lycans-A defeated Bahria-A by 08 to 03 points and lift Federal Cup title. Brig (Retd) Iftikhar Mansoor, President, Pakistan Basketball Federation was the chief guest and distributed the cash prizes and souvenirs amongst the winning and runner-up teams. He briefly stated the history of Basketball and pointed out that Basketball was the popular in Islamabad. Pakistan was a force at the regional stage as the team won the silver medal at the 2013 SABA Championship and three silver medals at the South Asian Games.
Pakistan win International Savate Championship with 8 gold 4 silver medals
Ali Ahmed Ch LAHORE:-Pakistan team exhibited a wonderful performance and won the 3rd International Savate Championship with 8 gold 4 silver medals against Sri Lanka at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium Hall on Friday. Sri Lankan team grabbed 6 gold and equal number of silver medals in the championship held under the auspices of Sports and Youth Affairs Department Punjab. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi distributed prizes at the closing ceremony of 3rd Pak-Sri Lanka International Savate Championship. Director Sports Nadeem Qaiser, President Sri Lankan Savate Federation Prasad Wickramasinghe, DSO Tanveer Shah, Secretary Ambreen Iftikhar and administrator NPSC Mustfa Shah and other officials were also present on this occasion. Results of the Savate Championship: Weight     Name (country, gold), Name (country, silver) 45-50kg:   Insa (Pak gold), R Lashika (SL, silver) 40-45kg:   Mehreen (Pak, gold), R Weerasinghe (SL, silver) 70-75kg:   RohanPari (Pak, gold), G Aberathna (SL, silver) 65-70kg:   Kareema (Pak, gold), D Dissanayake (SL, silver) 45-50kg (m):     A Rasheed (SL, gold), Massab (Pak, silver) 35-40kg:   D samaraweera (SL, gold), Maham (Pak, silver) 55-60kg:   K Dilaxiny (SL, gold), Sobia (Pak, silver) 50-55kg:   Jennifer (SL, gold), M Weerasinghe (SL, silver) 60-65kg:   Muneera (Pak, gold), D Abhaywickrama (SL, silver) 60-65kg (m): Amir Khan (Pak, gold), L Rathnayaka (SL, gold)  
SA Gardens wins Inter-Club Basketball Tournament
Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD:-SA Gardens Club have won the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Ramadan Inter Club Basketball Tournament after beating United Kings Club by 40-27 points in the final at F-6, Multi Purpose Sports Center Islamabad on Friday night. Mohammad Aurangzeb and Junaid Khan produced sparking performance for SA Gardens in the final, as the Aurangzeb was the top scorer of the final with 14 points while his teammate Junaid shared 8 points in his team’s victory. Imam Din and Umer scored 8 and 6 points respectively from United Kings. Earlier, in the first semifinal, SA Gardens outplayed Bulls by 50-39 points. Safi contributed 12 points and remained on top at the scoring sheet for the SA Gardens. Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Irfan scored 9 and 8 points from Bulls. United Kings outclassed Reapers by 46-40 after an exciting contest in 2nd Semi-final. United Kings’ Mohammad Hamza was star player of the match by scoring 15 points. Mohammad Umer and Mohmmad Ali were top scorer with 13 points each from Reapers. Ouj-e-Zahoor, General Secretary, Federal Basketball Association announced on this occasion that All Pakistan Basketball Tournament would be organised from 30th May to 4th June 2022 at Islamabad. Efforts are being made to invite all the affiliated units of Pakistan Basketball Federation for top honour. “They will accept our invitation and participate in the top national basketball showpiece, “he hoped. During the tournament, top performers will be selected for the national training camp to be established for the 14th South Asian Games to be hosted by Pakistan in March next year 2023. Results 1st Semi Finals: SA Gardens Club beat Bulls Club by 50-39 points 2nd Semi Finals: United Kings Club beat Reapers Club by 46-40 points. Final SA Gardens Club defeated United Kings Club by 40-27 points.
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI:-Karachi Basketball Association (KBA) affiliated units of Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBF) and Sindh Olympic Association (SOA) have mutually decided to conduct the scrutiny of all clubs of Karachi Basketball Association. Regarding the scrutiny process, a Committee has been constituted headed by Mohammad Asghar Baloch and Khurram Rafi Siddiqui & Advocate Daleep Singh will be member and secretary of committee respectively. All Basketball Clubs of Karachi Division are advised to complete their registration requirements with regard to registration of clubs and players etc to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings for the purpose. The Committee will start its proceedings of scrutiny in second week of May 2022. This Committee will also conduct elections of Karachi Basketball Association in due course of time. The exact date, time and place will be announced later on.
Inter-Club Basketball: Bulls, SA Gardens, Reapers and United Kings qualify for the semifinals
Sports Reporter ISLAMABAD:-Bulls, S A Gardens, United Kings and Reapers have qualified for the semifinals of ongoing Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Ramadan Inter-Club Basketball Tournament after winning their respective matches at F-6 Multi Purpose Sports Center Islamabad on Wednesday night. In the first day of the match, Dementors Club defeated Ball Magicians by 31-19 points while United Kings outclassed Raptors White at 37-30 points in the second match. Ali contributed with 16 points in his team's victory. In the 3rd match, Reapers Club overcame Lycans by 31-30 with solitary point victory. Malik Shahab contributed 9 points and Adam scored 10 points and remained top Scorer from both sides respectively.  Meanwhile in the 4th contest, Generals Club defeated Ball Magicians Club by 32-11 points. Shumail Shigri contributed 12 points and remained the top on the scoring sheet for Generals Club. In the 5th Match Bulls outplayed Rawal Champ Club by 53-15. S A Gardens Club defeated Dementors Club by 34-22 points in the sixth match. On Thursday, Semifinals and final will be played after Travee prayer in the night. First semifinal will be played between Bulls Club and S A Gardens Club while Reapers Club will play against United Kings Club in the 2nd Semi finals.
Inter-Club Basketball: SA Gardner earn massive win against Generals 63-31
Sports Bulletin Report ISLAMABAD:-As many as 8 matches have been decided on the 3rd day of Capital Development Authority (CDA) & Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Ramadan Inter-Club Basketball Tournament at F-6 Multi-Purpose Sports Center Islamabad on Tuesday night under floodlights. The first match of the day was played between United King and Bahria Wolves that won by United Kings at 25-13 points while Raptors Red overcame Lycans by 27-16 in the second match of the day. Usama Qamar contributed with 12 points in his team’s victory. In the third match of the b day, Reapers had to toiled hard on the court to get rid of Dynamites with the score of 47-39 points with the excellent performance of Tayyab Abbas scored 17 points for Reapers. Meanwhile in the 4-fixture, Thunder outclassed Bahria Wolves 25-16 points while Bulls stunned Jaguars by 55-19 points in a single sided contest. Rizwan Khurshid was top scorer for winners with 15 points. S.A. Gardens defeated General by 63-31 in the 6th match of the day. Mohsin (11) and Saifullah (9) were the top on the scoring sheet while Shumail Shigri and Ans Azhar scored 15 and 7 respectively for Generals. Raptors Red earned a narrow margin win against Reapers at 28-22. Mehtab Ahmed from Reapers scored 13 points in the penultimate fixture of the day-3. In the 8- match Timber Wolves defeated Rawal Rawal Champ by 50-22. Ali Kazmi scored 23 points for the winners. The General Secretary, Federal Basketball Association Dr Ouj-e-Zahoor, Shahbaz of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Mohammad Azam Dar Former Director Pakistan Sports Board and sizeable spectators were present on the occasion. Results: United Kings beat Bahria Wolves 25-13 Raptors Red beat Lycans 27-16 Reapers Dynamites 47-39 Thunder beat Bahria Wolves 25-16 Bulls beat Jaguars 55-19 SA Gardner beat Generals 63-31 Raptors Red beat Reapers 28-22 Timber Wolvers beat Rawal Champ 50-22.
Inter-Club Basketball: Dynamites, Timber Wolves, Raptors Whites and Generals claim victories
Sports Reporter ISLAMABAD:-Dynamites, Timber Wolves, Reporters Whites and Generals claimed victories in the Inter-Club Floodlit Basketball Tournament after beating their rivals at F-6 Multi Purpose Center Islamabad. In the first match, Dynamits beat Lycons by 58-16. Zeeshan Bhatti and Mohammad Abdullah scored 14 and 15 points respectively. Timber Wolves beat Jaguars by 51-32 in the 2nd match. Ali Hamza Kazmi and Raheel Bhatti from Timber Wolves scored 12 and 10 respectively. Rizwan ul Haq and Abdullah Bin Umer scored 06 and 15 points respectively for Jaguars. Later, in the 3rd match of the day, Raptors White defeated Thunders by 37-33. Khurram Changaiz 10 and Usman Zaib 14 top scorers for winner side. Yasin Ghafoor and Waqas scored 13 & 09 respectively for Thunders. In the last and fourth match Generals beat Dementors  by 51-09. Shumail Shigri scored 20 and Abdullah Nasir 10 from Generals.
Inter-Club Basketball Tournament: United Kings beat Thunders 70-40 in opening fixture
Sports Reporter ISLAMABAD:-United Kings, Rawalpindi Champs, SA Gardner, Raptors Reds, Bulls and Raptors Whites have their respective matches on the opening day of the Inter-Club Basketball Tournament after beating their respective opponents at F-6 Multi Purpose Center Islamabad on Saturday night. In the opening match of the tournament United Kings defeated Thunders 70-40 points while Rawalpindi Champs overcame Jaguars with the narrow margin of 33-30. SA Gardner outclassed Ball Magician  by 52-25. Raptors Reds beat Dynamites by 42-30 and Bulls beat Timber Wolves 45-36 while Raptors Whites defeated Bahria Wolves 37-33 in the last match of the day. Tournament is being played under the auspices of Federation Basketball Association (FBA) in collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA). General Secretary, Federal Basketball Association, Oaj E Zahoor said the final of the tournament will be played on April 21, 2022 at the same venue. Results (Day-1): 1-United Kings beat Thunders 70-40 2-Rawalpindi Champs beat Jaguars 33-30 3-SA Gardner beat Ball Magician 52-25 4-Raptors Red beat Dynamites 42-30 5- Bulls beat Timber Wolves 45-36 6-Raptors White beat Bahria Wolves 37-33
Inter-Club Basketball Tournament from Sunday
Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD:-As many as 16 teams will take part in the Inter-Club Basketball Tournament that will be kicked off from Sunday (April 17, 2022) at Multipurpose Sports Center F-6 Islamabad regarding the Ramadan Sports Festival under the banner of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) in the collaboration with Federal Basketball Association (FBA). According to secretary FBA Ouj-e-Zahoor, 16 teams will fight for top honour during the 5-day fixture, as 16 teams have been divided into four pools while top two from each group will move into next round. President FBA, Ejaz Rafi Butt will be chief guest at the opening ceremony. Also top officials of CDA, MCI and FBA will attend the opening ceremony. Teams' Pools: Pool (A): Bulls, Timber Wolves, Jaguars, Rawal Champ Pool (B): Raptors Red, Reapers, Dynamites, Lycans Pool (C): United Kings, Thunders, Raptors White, Bahria Wolves Pool (D): SA Gardner, Generals, Dementors, Ball Magicians     Schedule of Day-1 fixtures: United Kings vs Thunders Jaguars vs Rawal Champ SA Gardener vs Ball Magicians Raptors Red vs Dynamites Bulls vs Timber Wolves Raptors vs Bahria Wolves
Jhelum Stallions claim the title of Urtasker Football Championship 2022
Abdullah Asjad ISLAMABAD:-Jhelum Stallions overcame The Markhors 2-1 on penalty kicks in the final to lift the title of the 6th Urtasker Football Championship 2022 that held at Zaraj Football Ground, Giga Mall Islamabad on Saturday. A-day soccer event was sponsored by Burj Yaqub Jhelum, and in collaboration with World Group & Leisure Leagues. There were 12 pool matches among 8 teams, and the qualifiers played the semifinals and final. The other teams included Pindi Badshah, Black Panther, Digital Squad, New Yorkers, Urtasker Hawks, and Urtasker United. Ch. Ghulam Ahmed Zamurrad (Chairman, Burj Yaqub, Jhelum) was the chief guest at the closing ceremony. He appreciated the efforts of Urtasker to bring the game of football into the limelight and organized such a thrilling contest. He further said that these events were vital for improving mental and physical health. Omer Riaz (CEO, Urtasker) thanked Chairman Burj Yaqub for joining and promoting the game of football in Pakistan and letting the young players showcase their talent in team management, execution, and planning. They vowed to arrange more athletic events in the future to encourage the culture of sports in Pakistan.  Zeehsan Riaz (COO, Urtasker) expressed his gratitude towards the World Group and Leisure Leagues for their collaboration and support throughout the championship to make it a great success. Results: The Markhors vs Pindi Badshahs 1-1 Jhelum Stallions vs Black Panthers 0-0 New Yorkers beat Pindi Badshahs 1-0 Urtasker United vs Digital Squad 0-0 New Yorkers vs The Markhors 2-0 Jhelum Stallions beat Digital Squad 3-0 Urtasker Hawks vs Pindi Badshahs 0-0 Black Panthers beat Urtasker United 2-1 Urtasker Hawks beat The Markhors 1-0 Urtasker United vs Jhelum Stallions 0-0 New Yorkers beat Urtasker Hawks 3-0 Black Panthers beat Digital Squad 4-0 First Semifinal: Jhelum Stallions beat New Yorkers 3-0 Sohaib Ahmed (1), Saad Ali (1), Zeeshan Ghalib (1) Second Semifinal: The Markhor beat Black Panthers 3-2 Mohammad Zeeshan, Shahbaz, Usaid (each one goal for Markhor) Sohaib, Shahabaz (each one goal for Black Panthers) Final: Jhelum Stallions beat The Markhors 2-1 Zeeshan Ghalib, Sohaib Ahmed (each one goal for winners) Mohammed Zeeshan (goal for The Markhors).