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Cricket05 Mar 2021
Bowler becomes nervous after 4-5 sixes are hit successively, says Pollard's coach

By Bipin Dani 

Bowler comes under more pressure after four and five sixes are hit in his one over successively, according to David Furlonge, the coach of the West Indies captain Kieron Pollard whose six sixes in an over trumped Akila's hat-trick in a crazy chase on Thursday.  

Speaking exclusively over the telephone, he said, "I think both-hitting six sixes in one over by a batsman or grabbing a hat-trick by any bowler-are incredible but as a bowler you would be under more pressure especially after the fourth and fifth six".

"It was fantastic to watch from his Super 50 performance last week. I knew he would hit the spinners for some sixes but never thought six sixes, it was fantastic to watch", Furlonge, who has been Pollard's coach since he was 14 years, said. 

"In a low scoring affair and the status of the game when he came in he took whatever chance Sri Lanka had of winning the game away from them in that over so he deserved the Player of the Match award"

"Sri Lanka didn’t make enough runs and all that was needed would be one or two 20 run partnerships", the coach concluded. 

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