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Sports News29 Feb 2020
Women Sports Week kicks off on March 2, 2020

Sports Reporter

ISLAMABAD (February 29, 2020):-Chairman, Organizing Committee,  Mohammad Azam Dar, who is also the Deputy Director General, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) announced on Saturday that 11 sports disciplines would be the part of Women’s Sports Week, which would be kicked off on March 2, 2020 at Pakistan Sports Complex under the banner of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

He further said that all arrangements had been finalized in the Organizing Committee Meeting that held on Saturday at Conference Hall of PSB and it was decided that 11 sports disciplines would be the part of women sports showpiece including Tennis, Hockey, Taekwondo,  Netball,  Baseball,  Table Tennis, Volleyball,  Judo, Swimming, Football and Soccer Futsal.

According to scheduled, the Tennis and Hockey events will be played on March 2, at Tennis Court  and Outer Track ground respectively while Taekwondo and Netball on March 3 at Biomechanics Lab. and Rodham Hall respectively.  

On March 4, Baseball and Table Tennis will be held at Baseball Ground and Rodham Hall respectively, Volleyball on March 5 at Hameedi Hall, Judo on March 6 at Biomechanics Lab, Swimming and Football on March 7 at Swimming Pool and Jinnah Stadium respectively. Soccer Futsal will be played on March 8 at Rodham Hall.

He further said that trophies, medals and certificates will be awarded to players. He further said that the refreshments will be including Juice, Lays and Mineral Water for players at the venues. Adnan Malik, Senior Vice President, Pakistan Futsal Federation will sponsor the Trophies, Medals, Certificates and Refreshments to the all players and teams.

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