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Cricket16 Sep 2021
Waqar asks for resuming Pakistan India disable cricket

Abdul Jabbar Faisal

ISLAMABAD (September 16, 2021): Secretary, Pakistan Cricket Association for Physically Handicapped (PCAPH), Waqar Ahmed Khan viewed that the bilateral disable cricket series should be resumed between Pakistan and India, which would be beneficial for the promotion of disable cricket in the region.

While talking to the Special Correspondent of at his office on Wednesday, Waqar said that in the past Indian disable cricket team visited Pakistan twice and Pakistan also visited India for a bilateral tie and both series were staged excellently. “Indian team visited Pakistan in 2014. Also, PCAPH had invited them on the occasion of World Day for Disable Persons, which has been celebrated on December 3 each year, “he maintained.

“If Indian juniors’ tennis team can visit Pakistan to participate in the international fixture then other sports ties between both countries can be restored. Indian tennis team participated in the South Asian Junior Team Qualifying Event that concluded on September 15, 2021 at PTF Tennis Complex Islamabad. It is a nice omen for sports, as players of both countries want to restore bilateral ties in all sports including cricket, “he added.

To a question, he said that new chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Hasan Raja should look into the affairs of disable cricket. “We have tremendous talent in disable cricket but the activities have been shrinking, as there is a monopoly of one city. Disable cricket should be organized in all cities and players are eager to show their talent. Ramiz Raja will certainly take strong measures to promote the disable cricket in the country, “Waqar hoped.

 Secretary PCAPH further said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan was himself a great cricketer and he selected Ramiz Hasan Raja as head of Pakistan Cricket Board on merit. Raja played cricket under the leadership of Imran. The PM knows the abilities of Ramiz and he will produce the results up to the expectation of the prime minister. I hope cricket will flourish all over Pakistan and young guys will get opportunities to represent Pakistan at international level on merit, “he concluded.  






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