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Cricket14 Sep 2021
Naseer Islam: Tale of a wonderful cricketer

Abdul Jabbar Faisal

ISLAMABAD (September 14, 2021): A wonderful cricketer, Naseer Islam started the cricket career in the decade of 80’s from North Nazamabad from school. Later, he started to play for Young Fighters Club Karachi.

Naseer also represented Karachi Gymkhana and Karachi whites. In 1988, Naseer moved to United States of America (USA) and started playing cricket for club known as Pakistan Cricket Club (PCC) in 1990. After one year, he joined Potomac Cricket Club in 1991.

It was new turn in his cricket career, when he attached with ICC Cricket Club and he played important role in back-to-back victories in the 2 championship. In 2001, Naseer Islam led the VCC for five years and won three championships from Washington Cricket League.

“I remember when Bangladesh national team visited Washington DC in 1995 where I got called up to represent the US national team and played as 12th man. Also, I represented the US national team for over five year and still active to perform up to mark. Now playing for Potomac cc and representing DC Hawks in the minor league as an all-rounder. Height scored is 200 run in 40 over game and hit 6 sixes in an over, “he told Sports Bulletin over his mobile from Washington District of Colambia.

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