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Badminton06 Jul 2021

Badminton Federation bans Murad for two years
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (July 6, 2021)-Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF) on Tuesday banned top national player Murad Ali for two years, as he had leveled the allegations against the federation in different media statements. The decision of two-year ban was taken in a meeting of the Executive Committee of PBF that was taken place today (Tuesday) at Pakistan Olympic House Lahore. On this occasion, the House congratulated Mahoor Shahzad for becoming the first Pakistani female athlete to participate in the Badminton at Olympic Games. The members applauded the hard work of Mahoor and her parents and expressed their gratitude for the support provided by the Pakistan Olympic Association and World Badminton and Badminton Asia. The members reiterating the decisions of PBF in supporting Mahoor Shahzad as the most talented female badminton player of Pakistan cited as a progress in the right direction. The members also congratulated Nisar Shahwani and Wajid Ali Chaudhry for taking all the necessary measures. The members considered the statements of Palwasha Bashir and Murad Ali in regarding the inclusion of Mahoor’s Olympic slot. The house noting the ranking lists found that both Palwasha and Murad Ali have faked their titles, misrepresented, leveled baseless allegations and attempted to degrade the efforts of athletes and the PBF through national and social media. The members reiterated that while PBF is ready to extend all support to the athletes, any campaign maligning the Federation, athletes and officials is unacceptable. The Executive Committee reviewing the previous proceedings and undertakings of Murad Ali decided to impose a ban on Murad Ali from participating in any badminton event for two years concluding on 06th July, 2023. He may opt to file an appeal against the decision before the General Council of Pakistan Badminton Federation. The Executive Committee decided to refer the case of Palwasha to the Disciplinary Committee that shall initiate an inquiry against her and submit its report within a month and by inviting Palwasha to represent and clarify her position.

Badminton05 Feb 2021

National Badminton: Murad Ali shows impressive performance
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (February 5, 2021):-Top national badminton players Murad Ali defeated Raja Mohammad Hasnain in straight games 2-0 in the quarterfinal of the ongoing 53rd National Badminton Championship 2021 at Charsadda on Friday. On the occasion Mohammad Shoaib Khan DPO Chrsadda was the chief guest. Wajid Ali Chaudhry presented the shield to the chief guest and thanked him for visiting the venue and boosted the morale of the players. He also appreciates the effort of DPO for providing the full proof security of the venue and players. Results: Men Singles (Quarterfinals): Murad Ali (NBP) beat Raja Mohammad Hasnian (NBP) by 21-15, 21-10 Irfan Saeed (Wapda) beat Muqeet Tahir (SNGPL) by 21-15, 21-12 Mohammad Ali Larosh (Wapda) beat Hashir Bashir (Wapa) by 21-18, 21-15 Anjum Bashir (NBP) beat Azeem Sarwar (Wapda) by 21-16, 21-18 Women Singles (Quarterfinals): Mahoor Shahzad (Wapda) beat Zubaira Islam (SNGPL) by 21-6, 21-9 Palwasha Bashir (NBP) beat Bushra Qayyum (Wapda) by 21-10, 21-15 Alja Tariq (Balochistan) beat Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) BY 21-6, 21-13 Ghazala Siddiqui (Wapda) beat Mehwish Khan (Army) BY 21-18, 21-6 Men Doubles (Pre Quarterfinals): Ammar Masood (RLY) & Muteeb Sohail (KRL) beat Khalil Ur Rehman & Fazal Ur Rehman (RLY) by 21-18, 21-12 Raja Hasnain (NBP) & Raja Zulqarnain (Wapda) beat Ahmad Tariq (SNGPL) & Faizan Ahmad (Wapda) by 21-11, 21-12 Muqeet Tahir (SNGPL) & Kashif Sulehri (NBP) beat Abuzar Rashid (HEC) & Umer Zeshan (Wapda) by 21-16, 21-13 Hashir Bashir (Wapda) & Murad Ali (NBP) beat Ali Chishti (ISB) & Shujaat Ali Khan (Wapda) by 21-15, 21-17 Waqas Ahmad & Shoaib Riaz (Wapda) beat Mohammad Noman (SNGPL) & Amir Saeed (Wapda) by 19-21, 21-13, 21-18 Awais Zahid (Wapda) & Murad Ali (NBP) beat Shahmir Iftikhar (SNGPL) & Ali Nawab Dil (Wapda) by 22-20, 21-17 Irfan Saeed & Azeem Sarwar (Wapda) beat Shabbar Hussain & Adnan Aziz (Wapda) by 21-17, 21-16 Anjum Bashir (NBP) & Yasir Ali (HEC) beat Zunnain Javed & Atiq Ch. (Wapda) by 21-17, 21-14

Badminton03 Feb 2021

National badminton championship team event reaches final stage
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (February 3, 2021):-The ongoing 53rd National Badminton Championship’s team event reached at final stage. National Bank of Pakistan and WAPDA reaches in the final on men team event by beating SNGPL and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and in women team event Pakistan WAPDA and Pakistan Army reaches the finals by beating National Bank of Pakistan and Sindh. Results: Men Singles 1st Round 32(64) Mohammad Uzair Khan (Rly) beat Soban Jamil (Wapda) by 21-14, 21-13 Abdul Hassan (Army) beat Aoun Abbas (Wapda) by 21-9, 21-14 Ariz Ali (HEC) beat Waqas Ahmad (Wapad) by 21-18, 21-12 Ahmad Tariq (SNGPL) beat Abdullah Siddiqi (Sindh) by 21-7, 21-11 Tahir Khan (Police) beat Ihtisham Ali (Army) by 21-12, 21-17 Ahmed Janjua (ISB) beat Adeel Anjum (Army) by 21-15, 21-16 Ahmer Jalal (HEC) beat Usama Shafi (KRL) by 21-14, 14-21, 21-11 Hamza Khan (KP) beat Tahir Shah (KP) by 21-17, 20-22 Muqeet Tahir (SNGPL) beat Ahsan Asif (Wapda) by 21-19, 21-14 Mohammad Ammar Masood (Rly) beat Raza Ali (PB) by 21-13, 31-15 Shoaib Riaz (Wapda) beat Sheraz Ur Rehman (Wapda) by 21-14, 21-4 Shabbar Hussain (Wapda) beat Arbab Noman (Army) by 21-17, 21-16 Mohammad Uaakeph Khan (KRL) beat Ali Chishty (ISB) by 21-9, 21-12 Shehroz Jamil (Wapda) beat Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) by 14-21, 21-11, 21-8 Women Singles 1st Round 16(32) Amal Muneeb (PB) beat Mehmoona Amir (Wapda) by 21-14, 21-15 Zubaira Islam (SNGPL) beat Saba Rashid (Wapda) by 21-14, 21-19 Aqsa Zikriya (SNGPL) beat Wirdha Gohar Sharif (SNGPL) by 21-14, 21-15 Ammara Ishtiaq (Sindh) beat Yasmeen Shahzad (ISB) by 21-17, 21-15 Results of last night matches: Team Event Men Quarter Final NPB beat KRL by 3-0 1st Single: Murad Ali (NBP) beat Uaakeph Khan (KRL) by 21-18, 21-18 1st Double: Raja Hasnain & Kashif Sulehri (NBP) beat Uzair Khan & Jamshed Bhutta (KRL) by 21-9, 21-15 2nd Single: Anjum Bashir (NBP) beat Muteeb Sohail (KRL) by 21-12, 21-16 SNGPL beat Pakistan Police by 3-0 1st Single: Muqeet Tahir (SNGPL) beat Zuhaib Khan (Police) by 21-9, 21-11 1st Double: Ahmad Tariq & Muhammad Nouman (SNGPL) beat Zuhaib & Ali (Police) by 21-14, 21-9 2nd Single: Shahmeer Iftikhar (SNGPL) beat Tahir Khan (Police) by 21-17, 21-14 Pakistan Wapda beat Pakistan Railway by 3-0 1st Single: Irfan Saeed (Wapda) beat Ammar Masood (Railway) by 21-13, 21-18 1st Double: M Ali Larosh & Awais Zahid (Wapda) beat Nabeel & Khalil (Railway) by 21015, 21-19 2nd Single: Azeem Sarwar (Wapda) beat Uzair Khan (Railway) by 21-12, 21-19 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beat Islamabad by 3-2 1st Single: Fazal Ur Rehman (KP) beat Ali Chisty (ISB) by 21-16, 21-8 1st Double: Faraz & Afnan (KP) beat Ahmed & Shaffy (ISB) by 21-23, 21-9, 21-15 2nd Single: Ahmed Janjua (ISB) beat Umer Jhanghir (KP) by 15-21, 21-14, 21-14 2nd Double: Ahmed & Umer (ISB) beat Tahir & Rehman (KP) by 21-18, 21-10 3rd Single: Tahir Shah (KP) beat Umair (ISB) by 21-17, 21-12 Team Event Men Semi Final NBP beat SNGPL by 3-0 1st Single: Anjum Bashir (NBP) beat Shahmir Iftikhar (SNGPL) by 21-17, 14-21, 22-20 1st Double: Kashif Sulehri & Raja Hasnain (NBP) beat Ahmed Tariq & M Nouman (SNGPL) by 21-5, 21-18 2nd Single: Murad Ali (NBP) beat Muqeet Tahir (NBP) by 21-12, 21-16 Pakistan Wapda beat Khyber Pakkhtunkhwa by 3-0 1st Single: Raja Zulqarnain Haider (Wapda) beat Umer Jhanghir (KP) by 21-8, 21-17 1st Double: Raja Haider & Hashir Bashir (Wapda) beat Faraz & Shahan (KP) by 21-12, 21-12 2nd Single: Abdur Rehmad (Wapda) beat Fazal Rehman (KP) by 21-9, 22-20 Team Event Women Pre Quarter Finals HEC beat Islamabad by 3-1 1st Single: Laiba Masoud (HEC) beat Isma (Islamabad) by 21-2, 21-5 1st Double: Laiba & Kainat (HEC) beat Isma & Yasmeen (Islamabad) by 21-14, 21-18 2nd Single: Yasmeen Shahzadi (Islamabad) beat Hadiya Ashfaq (HEC) by 21-12, 19-21, 21-19 2nd Double: Khadija & Hadia (Hec) got walk over against Dina & Manahil (Islamabad) Sindh beat Baluchistan by 3-1 1st Single: Rosheen Ejaz (Sindh) beat Zahra (Baluchistan) by 21-5, 21-11 1st Double: Najma & Ammarah (Sindh) beat Banin & Masuma (Baluchistan) by 21-6, 21-0 2nd Single: Alja Tariq (Baluchistan) beat Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) by 21-10, 21-10 2nd Double: Rosheen & Musfira (Sindh) beat Alja & Zahra (Baluchistan) by 17-21, 22-20, 21-17 Women Team Event Quarter Finals Pakistan Wapda beat HEC by 3-1 1st Single: Laiba Masoud (HEC) beat Bushra Qayum (Wapda) by 21-18, 21-19 1st Double: Mahoor & Ghazala Siddique (Wapda) beat Laiba & Kainat (HEC) by 21-6, 21-7 2nd Single: Sehra Akram (Wapda) beat Kausar Javed (HEC) by 21-12, 21-8 2nd Double: Saima Waqas & Khizra Rasheed (Wapda) beat Khadija & Hadia Ashfaq (HEC) by 21-9, 21-10 NPB beat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by 3-0 1st Single:  Palwasha Bashir (NBP) beat Kainat Khatak (KP) by 21-6, 21-6 1st Double: Palwasha Bashir & Manal Tariq (NBP) beat Sapna & Iqra (KP) by 21-5, 21-7 2nd Single: Manal Tariq (NBP) beat Urooj (KP) by 21-14, 21-13 Pakistan Army beat Punjab by 3-1 1st Single: Amal Muneeb (Punjab) beat Sumiya Tariq (Army) by 21-18, 21-17 1st Double: Rida Hanif & Umama Usman (Army) beat Amna & Zainab (Punjab) by 21-13, 21-10 2nd Single: Mehwish Khan (Army) beat Sahar Majeed (Punjab) by 21-16, 21-8 2nd Double: Mahwish & Sumiaya Tariq (Army) beat Amal Muneeb & Sahar (Punjab) by 21-19, 21-9 Sindh beat SNGPL by 3-2 1st Single: Zubaira Islam (SNGPL) beat Rosheen Ijaz (Sindh) by 21-17, 21-14 1st Double: Zubaira & Aqsa (SNGPL) beat Najma & Ammara (Sindh) by 21-10, 21-18 2nd Single: Ammarah (Sindh) beat Aqsa Zikriya (SNGPL) by 24, 22, 17-21, 21-16 2nd Double: Walk over due to illness of  SNGPL player 3rd Single: Walk over due to illness of  SNGPL player Team Event Women Semi Final Pakistan Wapda beat NBP by 3-0 Sindh beat SNGPL by 3-2 1st Single: Ghazala Siddique (Wapda) beat Aisha Akram (NBP) by 21-3, 21-6 1st Double: Sehra Akram & Huma Javed (Wapda) beat Aisha Akram & Sara Mohmand (NBP) by 21-3, 21-12 2nd Single: Mahoor Shahzad (Wapda) beat Palwasha Bashir (NBP) by 21-13, 21-15 Pakistan Army beat Sindh by 3-2 1st Single: Rosheen Ijaz (Sindh) beat Rida Hanif (Army) by 21-12, 21-15 1st Double: Mehwish Khan & Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Najma & Ammarah (Sindh) by 21-15, 21-17 2nd Single: Ammarah (Sindh) beat Mehwish Khan (Army) by 21-18, 21-17 2nd Double: Rida Hanif & Umama Usman (Army) beat Rosheen & Musfira (Sindh) by 21-15, 21-9 3rd Single: Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Sana (Sindh) by 21-8, 21-15 Women Singles Qualifying  Rukhsar Gul (HEC) beat Sapna Akbar (Balo) by 23-21 Zainab Ch. (PB) beat Umal Benin (Balo) by 21-3 Kainat Raees (HEC) beat Amna Jawad (PB) by 21-19 Sahra (Balo) beat Iqra Rehman (Rly) by 21-18 Rimsha Mehak (PB) beat Aziza (Balo) by 21-2 Fariha Imtiaz (PB) beat Zoha Murad (Wapda) by 21-12 Sapna Akbar (KP) beat Masooma (Balo) by 21-6 Sana Hanif (Sindh) beat Faryal Ahmad (HEC) by 21-11 Sehra Majeed (PB) beat Zainab Azam (Army) by 21-11 Aneeqa Liaqat (PB) beat Asna (Rly) by 21-14 Amber Khan (KP) beat Hadia Aftab (PB) by 21-11 Women Singles Qualifying 2nd Round Hadia Ashfaq (HEC) beat Urooj Ahmad (KP) by 21-12 Mehwsih Khan (Army) beat Fariha Imtiaz (PB) by 21-17 Rosheen Ijaz (Sindh) beat Rukhsar Gul (HEC) by 21-11 Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Zainab Ch (PB) by 21-15 Sara Mohmand (NBP) beat Sahar (Balo) by 21-11 Amal Munib (PB) beat Isma Riaz (ISB) by 21-8 Azmat Firdous (HEC) beat Sapna (KP) by 21-10 Sana Hanif (Sindh) beat Khadija Nisar (HEC) by 21-12 Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Sehar Majeed (PB) by 21-03 Minal Tariq (NBP) beat Zahra (Balo) by 21-10       Umama Usman (Army) beat Aneeqa Liaqat (PB) by 21-4 Wirdha Gohar Sharif (SNGPL) beat Amber Khan (KP) by 21-15 Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) beat Rimsha Mehak (PB) by 21-15 Sidra Irfan (Wapda) beat Kainat Khatak (KP) by 21-18 Farzana Ali (Wapda) beat Iqra Ishaq (KP) by 21-6 Women Singles Qualifying 3rd Round Wirdha Gohar (SNGPL) beat Umama (Army) by 21-12 Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) beat Sidra Irfan (Wapda) by 21-10 Minal Tariq (NBP) beat Farzana Ali (Wapda) by 21-18 Mehwish Khan (Army) beat Hadia Ashfaq (HEC) by 21-13 Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Rosheen Ijaz (Sindh) by 21-16 Kainat Raees (HEC) beat Sara Mohmand (NBP) by 21-7 Amal Munib (PB) beat Azmat Firdous (HEC) by 21-7 Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Sana Hanif (Sindh) by 1 Men Singles Qualifying 1st Round Rohan Haseeb (PB) beat Mohammad Hamza (Police) by 21-9 Omi Umer (KRL) beat Umair Khan (PB) by 21-17 Danyal Butt (AJK) beat Abdul Wahab Wasif (PB) by 21-18 Rohail Haseeb (PB) beat Shoaib Akhtar (New Khan) by 21-12 Arbab Nouman (Army) beat Jamshed Bhutta (KRL) by 21-13 Ehsanullah (ISB) beat Malik Danyaal (KP) by 21-17 Arslan Mohammad (PB) beat Hafiz Wasif (Rly) by 21-17 Saifullah (KP) beat Asad Aslam (ISB) by 21-14 Ali Akbar (Balo) beat Zubair Shah (KP) by 22-24 Mohammad Ibrahim (ISB) beat Kamil Haider (Balo) by 21-5 Osama Khan (PB) beat Faraz (Balo) by 21-17 Malik Faraz (KP) beat Ahmad Butt (PB) by 21-19 Nadeem Ahmad (PB) beat Inam (AJK) by 21-14 Mohammad Taha (Sindh) beat Safan Bashir (ISB) by 21-18 Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) beat Mehmood Ur Rehman (PB) by 21-16  Men Singles Qualifying 2nd Round Mohammad Jamal (Army) beat Omi Umer (KRL) by 21-16  Ariz Ali (HEC) beat Mohammad Hassan (Balo) by 21-6 Rohail Haseeb (PB) beat Mohammad Attique (Wapda) by 21-13 Arbab Nouman (Army) beat Mohammad Uzair (KP) by 21-17     Raza Mehmood (ISB) beat Anas Akhtar (New Khan) by 21-15 Ihtisham Ali (Army) beat Ehsanullah (ISB) by 21-8 Raja Hassan Mujtaba (PB) beat Mujtaba Akbar (KRL) 21-13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Shahanullah (KP) beat Osama Mahmood (PB) by 23-21 Sheraz Ur Rehman (Wapda) beat Usama Abid (New Khan) by 21-15 Rehman Haider Niazi (Army) beat Muneeb Kamran (PB) by 21-18 P A Nabeel (Railway) beat Tehseen Iqbal (ISB) by 21-11 Abdullah Siddiqui (Sindh) beat Malik Faraz (KP) by 21-15 Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) beat Hayyan Uzair (Wapda) by 21-17 Mohammad Shoaib (AJK) beat Zunnain Javed (Wapda) by 21-18 Mohammad Uzair Khan (Railway) beat Nadeem Ahmed (PB) by 21-7 Ali chishty (ISB) beat Naveed (Wapda) by 21-12 Mohammad Jamal (Army) beat Shujaat Ali Khan (Wapda) by 21-18 Ariz Ali (HEC) beat Danyal Butt (AJK) by 21-8 Arbab Nouman (Army) beat Rohail Haseeb (PB) by 26-24 Raza Mahmood (ISB) beat Shayan Tanveer (PB) by 21-15 Ihtisham Ali (Army) beat Hamza Khan (Sindh) by 21-9 Ahmed Janjua (ISB) beat Arslan Mohammad (PB) by 21-17 Tehseen Ullah (Wapda) beat Ahmad Farid (PB) by 21-7 Ali Akbar (Balo) beat Hasheem Ul Hassan (PB) by 21-13 Mohammad Ibrahim (ISB) beat Mohammad Sultan (Army) by 22-20 Abdul Hassan (Army) beat Shahyan Khan (KP) by 21-14 Fayyaz Ur Rehman (Sindh) beat Khalil Ur Rehman (Railway) by 21-18 Afnan Khan (KP) beat Mohammad Taha (Sindh) by 22-20 Hamza Khan (KP) beat Abdul Manan (PB) by 21-14 Ahmed Janjua (ISB) beat Raja Hassan Mujtaba (PB) by 20-22 Saifullah (KP) beat Tehseen Ullah (Wapda) by 21-15 Mohammad Ibrahim (ISB) beat Ali Akbar (Balo) by 21-15 Sheraz Ur Rehman (Wapda) beat Shahnullah (KP) by 21-14 Rehman Haider Niazi (Army) beat PA Nabeel (Railway) by 21-14 Men Singles Qualifying 3rd round Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) beat Mekaeel (KP) by 22-20 Abdullah Siddiqi (Sindh) beat Mohammad Shoaib (AJK) by 21-16 Mohammad Uzair Khan (Railway) beat Ali Usman (Army) by 21-10 Ali Chishti (ISB) beat Hamza Yaseen (HEC) by 21-14 Abdul Hassan (Army) beat Fayyaz Ur Rehman (Sindh) by 21-13 Hamza Khan (KP) beat Afnan Khan (KP) 21-17

Badminton02 Feb 2021

National Badminton Championship commences
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (February 2, 2021):-The 58th National Badminton Championship started on Tuesday at Charsadda, Khyber Paktoon Kawa (KPK), which was inaugurated by the secretary Sports KP along with DG Sports KP by hitting a shuttlecock in the court. On this occasion Wajid Ali Chaudhry thanked the chief guest and DG KP sports directorate for their cooperation and moral support for hosting the National Badminton Championships. Results: Team Event Men Pre Quarter Finals KRL beat Punjab by 3-1 1st Single: Uaakeph Khan (KRL) beat Shayan Tanveer (Punjab) by 21-8, 21-15 1st Double: Rohan & Rohail Haseeb (Punjab) beat Usama & Umer (KRL) by 14-21, 22-20, 22-20 2nd Single: Muteeb Sohail (KRL) beat Raza Ali (Punjab) by 21-7, 19-21, 21-11 2nd Double: Muteeb & Uaakeph Khan (KRL) beat Shayan & Ashan Tanveer (Punjab) by 21-7, 21-16 NBP beat PMAD by 3-1 1st Single: Raja Hasnain (NBP) beat Asif Hussain (PMAD) by 21-7, 21-8 1st Double: Kashif & Raja Hasnain (NBP) beat Abdul Salam & M Ali (PMAD) by 21-8, 21-14 2nd Single: Anjum Bashir (NBP) beat Tauseef Yaseen (PMAD) by 21-4, 21-7 SNGPL beat Sindh by 3-0 1st Single: Muqeet Tahir (SNGPL) beat Abdullah Siddiqi (Sindh) by 21-14, 21-15 1st Double: Ahmad Tariq & M Noman (SNGPL) beat Taha & Hamza (Sindh) by 21-15, 21-13 2nd Single: Shahmeer Iftikhar (SNGPL) beat Fayyaz (Sindh) by 21-16, 21-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beat Baluchistan by 3-1 1st Single: Fazal Rehman (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) beat Faraz (Baluchistan) by 21-6, 21-9 1st Double: Faraz & Tahir (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) beat Faraz & Kamil (Baluchistan) by 21-9, 21-9 2nd Single: Ali Akbar (Baluchistan) beat Saifullah (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) by 21-15, 8-21, 21-15 2nd Double: Rehman & Umair (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) beat Ali Akbar & Hassan (Baluchistan) by 21-10, 21-13 Islamabad beat Azad Jammu Kashmir by 3-1 1st Single: Ali Chishty (Islamabad) beat Danyal (AJK) by 21-14, 21-16 1st Double: Danyal & Imran (AJK) beat Ahmed & Raza (Islamabad) by 21-16, 21-19 2nd Single: Ahmed Janjua (Islamabad) beat Imran (AJK) by 21-15, 21-7 2nd Double: Ali Chishty & Agha Saud (Islamabad) beat Hamza & Inam (AJK) by 21-12, 21-18 Pakistan Police beat Pakistan Army by 3-2 1st Single: Muqsit Islam (Army) beat Zohaib Khalil (Police) by 21-10, 21-17 1st Double: Adeel Anjum & Abdullah (Army) beat Zohaib & Ibrar (Police) by 21-11, 21-15 2nd Single: Tahir Khan (Police) beat Abdullah Latif (Army) by 14-21, 23-21, 22-20 2nd Double: Tahir Khan & Masood (Police) beat Sultan & Arbab Nouman (Army) by 16-21, 21-17, 22-20 3rd Single: Masood Khan (Police) beat Jamal Khan (Army) by 21-18, 21-14 Team Event Women Pre Quarter Finals HEC beat Islamabad by 3-1 1st Single: Laiba Masoud (HEC) beat Isma (Islamabad) by 21-2, 21-5 1st Double: Laiba & Kainat (HEC) beat Isma & Yasmeen (Islamabad) by 21-14, 21-18 2nd Single: Yasmeen Shahzadi (Islamabad) beat Hadiya Ashfaq (HEC) by 21-12, 19-21, 21-19 2nd Double: Khadija & Hadia (Hec) got walk over against Dina & Manahil (Islamabad) Sindh beat Baluchistan by 3-1 1st Single: Rosheen Ejaz (Sindh) beat Zahra (Baluchistan) by 21-5, 21-11 1st Double: Najma & Ammarah (Sindh) beat Banin & Masuma (Baluchistan) by 21-6, 21-0 2nd Single: Alja Tariq (Baluchistan) beat Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) by 21-10, 21-10 2nd Double : Rosheen & Musfira (Sindh) beat Alja & Zahra (Baluchistan) by 17-21, 22-20, 21-17 Women Singles Qualifying  Rukhsar Gul (HEC) beat Sapna Akbar (Balo) by 23-21 Zainab Ch. (PB) beat Umal Benin (Balo) by 21-3 Kainat Raees (HEC) beat Amna Jawad (PB) by 21-19 Sahra (Balo) beat Iqra Rehman (Rly) by 21-18 Rimsha Mehak (PB) beat Aziza (Balo) by 21-2 Fariha Imtiaz (PB) beat Zoha Murad (Wapda) by 21-12

Badminton31 Jan 2021

National Juniors Badminton Championships conclude
SPORTS REPORT CHARSADDA (January 31, 2021):-The 53rd National Juniors Badminton Championships concluded on Sunday at Abdul Wali Khan Sports Complex Charsadda. Finals of all categories were played and well-contested matches were seen by the badminton lovers. On this occasion, Nisar Momand Secretary Sports Khyber Pakthunkhwa distributed the prizes along with Junai Khan Deputy Commissioner Sawat, Abid Majeed MPA and Wajid Ali Chaudhry Secretary General Pakistan Badminton Federation among the finalist of the championships. Wajid Ali Chaudhry thanked the services provided by the KP Badminton Association and the chief guest for providing the good environment and the hall facility, He also appreciated the efforts of Technical Members who worked hard for the successes of championships. The chief guest thanked Wajid Ali Chaudhry for the selection of venue in Charsadda and hoped that PBF will continue this practice in future for the betterment and promotion of the game of badminton in the country. Results (finals): Women's Singles U-19 Final Alja Tariq (Balochistan) beat Hadiqa Aftab (Punjab) by 21-7, 21-4 Girl's Single U-17 Final Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) by 21-19, 16-21, 21-10 Boy's Single U-17 Final Abdul Manan (Army) beat Saad Amir (Punjab) by 22-24, 21-11, 21-16 Men's Singles U-19 Final Umer Jhanghir (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) beat Malik Danyaal (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) by 23-21, 19-21, 21-13 Boy's Single U-15 Final Zain Bajwa (Punjab) beat Fahad Khan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) by 21-19, 21-17 Women's Double U-19 Final Sumiya Tariq (Army) & Alja Tariq (Balochistan) beat Umama Usman (Army) & Deena Shahzad (Islamabad) by 21-15, 21-10 Men Double Final Afnan Khan & Hamza Khan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) beat Umer Jhanghir & Muhammad Zayad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) by 21-17, 21-11

Badminton30 Jan 2021

Day-3: National Junior Badminton Championship 2021
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (January 30, 2021):-The 53rd National Juniors Badminton Championships 2021 entered into semifinal stage, as the well-contested matches were played in quarterfinals at Charsadda on Saturday. Results Boy Singles U-15 Quarter Finals Malik Ghasif Malik (Army) beat Mohammad Zaid (KP) by 21-18, 10-21, 21-18 Fahad Ahmad (KP) beat Abdullah Tahir (PB) by 21-7, 21-10 Sangheen (KP) beat Aman Gul (KP) by 21-13, 17-21, 21-17 Zain Bajwa (PB) beat Amer Hassan Janjua (ISB) by 19-21, 21-16, 21-13 Boy Single U-17 Quarter Final Saad Amir (PB) beat Umer Farooq (KP) by 21-14, 21-10 Usaid Gul (KP) beat Umair Khan (KP) by 21-6, 21-9 Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) beat Asad Afridi (KP) by 21-16, 21-17 Rai Abdul Manan (Army) beat Ahmed Niazi (PB) by 26-24, 21-19 Men Singles U-19 Quarter Finals Malik Danyaal (KP) beat Abdullah Asim (PB) by 21-9, 21-15 Raja Hassan Mujtaba (PB) beat Hamza Khan (KP) by 18-21, 22-20, 21-16 Umer Jhangher (KP) beat Fayyaz Ur Rehman (Sindh) BY 21-16, 21-12 Raza Ali (PB) beat Shahnullah (KP) by 21-9, 21-9 Men Doubles U-19 Quarter Final Raza Ali & Saad Amir (PB) beat Haseeb Ahmad & Ahmed Asif (PB) by 21-15, 21-17 Umer Jhanghir & Muhammad Zaid (PB) beat Saqib Ali & Rai Abdul Manan (Army) by 22-20, 21-14 Abdullah Siddiqi & Fayyaz Ur Rehman (Sind) beat Raja Hassan Mujtaba (PB) & Ibrahim Rashid (ISB) by 22-20, 19-21, 21-16 Afnan Khna & Hamza Khan (KP) beat Muhammad Osama & Muhammad Taimoor (Army) by 21-16, 16-21, 21-19 Women Singles U-19 Quarter Final Umama Usman (Army) beat Zainab Ch. (PB) by 21-8, 21-17 Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Deena Shahzad (ISB) by 21-9, 21-8 Saman Shahzadi (KP) beat Saman Shafiq (PB) by 21-14, 23-21, 21-19 Hadiqa Aftab (PB) beat Zara (Balo) by 21-16, 22-20 Girls U-17 Quarter Final Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Hiba Tariq (Sindh) by 21-3, 21-8 Ayesha Shafiq (PB) beat Maryam Hanif (Sindh) by 21-16, 22-20 Sana Hanif (Sindh) beat Khukla (KP) by 21-8, 21-7 Ammarah Ishtiaq (Sindh) beat Musfira Zahid (Sindh) by 16-21, 21-3, 21-17 Women Doubles U-19 Quarter Final Umama Usman (Army) & Deena Shahzad (ISB) beat Tanzeela Rehman & Miraj Jadoon (KP) by 21-10, 21-11 Tayyaba Shafiq & Saman Shafique (PB) beat Naba Jawa & Farwa Jawa (PB) by 21-8, 21-10 Sumiya Tariq (Army) & Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Ammarah & Ayesha Shafiq (Sindh) by 21-5, 21-14 Sana Hanif & Musfira Zahid (Sindh) beat Hadiqa Aftab & Zainab Ch. (PB) by 17-21, 21-15, 21-11

Badminton29 Jan 2021

Day-2: National Junior Badminton Championships
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (January 29, 2021):-The 53rd National Juniors Badminton Championship 2021 is in full swimming and teenagers from all over the country showing their skill in the top national event. Results: Girls Singles Under-17 (Pre-quarter Finals): Sumiya Tariq (Army) beat Miraj Jadoon (KP) by 21-2, 21-1 Hiba Tariq (Sindh) beat Minahil (ISB) by 21-16, 21-14 Ayesha Shafiq (PB) beat Maria (Balo) by 21-17, 21-15 Mariyam Hanif (Sindh) beat Rashida (KP) by 21-13, 21-3 Ammarah Ishtiaq (SIndh) beat Sana (KP) by 21-8, 21-2 Sana Hanif (Sindh) beat Tayyaba Shafiq (PB) by 21-18, 21-18 Women Singles (U-19 1st Round): Yariha (Balo) beat Naba Jawa (PB) by 21-18, 21-16 Iqra Nadeem (Sindh) beat Zoha Murad (Wapda) by 21-18, 21-19 Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Fatima Arif (KP) by 21-3, 21-1 Women Doubles (U-19 Pre Quarter Finals) Sana Hanif & Musfira (Sindh) beat Zahra & Yariha (Balo) by 21-16, 21-12 Tanzeela Rehman & Miraj Jadoon (KP) beat Iqra Nadeem & Maryam Hanif (Sindh) by 21-12, 21-16 Ammarah Ishtiaq & Ayesha Shafiq (Sindh) beat Shara & Maria (Balo) by 21-7, 21-7 Sumiya Tariq (Army) & Alja Tariq (Balo) beat Zoha Murad (Wapda) & Noor (KP) by 21-4, 21-4 Tayyaba Shafiq & Saman Shafique (PB) beat Lubna & Saman Shahzadi (KP) by 21-14, 21-12 Boys Singles (U-15 Pre Quarter Finals): Sangheen (KP) beat Mohammad Mohid (Sindh) by 21-7, 21-10 Malik Ghasif (Army) beat Haroon (Balo) by 21-4, 21-0 Mohammad Zaid (KP) beat Mohammad Ahmad (PB) by 21-10, 21-8 Abdullah Tahir (PB) beat Mohammad Hashmi (Sindh) by 21-10, 21-5 Fahad Ahmad (KP) beat Hussain Shahzad (PB) by 21-10, 21-12 Zain Bajwa (PB) beat Saim Ali (PB) by 21-12, 21-16 Aman Gul (KP) beat Najam Ul Saqib (KP) by 21-14, 21-13 Amer Hassan Janjua (ISB) beat Taimoor Khan (KP) by 21-19, 20-22, 21-19 Men Singles (U-19 Pre Quarter Finals): Umer Jhanghir (KP) beat Azlan Shah (KP) by 21-19, 21-4 Fayyaz Ur Rehman (Sindh) beat Abdul Malik (PB) by 23-21, 14-21, 21-12 Boy Single (U-17 Quarter Finals): Saad Amir (PB) beat Umer Farooq (KP) by 21-14, 21-10 Usaid Gul (KP) beat Umair Khan (KP) by 21-6, 21-9

Badminton29 Jan 2021

DBAP elects Asad Ghaffar and Salam Gul new president and secretary
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (January 29, 2021):-The elections of District  Badminton Association Peshawar (DBAP) held at Khyber House Peshawar under the supervision of Abdul Salam, former president of the association and chief of election committee. According to the results, Asad Ghaffar and Salam Gul have been elected new president and general secretary respectively of DBAP. Nearly, presidents of 23 registered badminton clubs of Tehkal, Palosi, Cantonment and Hayatabad Areas participated in the election process. Asad Ghaffar and Farkh Nadeem contested for the president post while Salam Gul and Yasir Khan competed for general secretary-ship wherein Asad and Salam defeated their opponents. However, Fazal Subhan elected unopposed as finance secretary of the association. The election conducted by the committee members including Abdul Salam chief election commissioner, Noor Zeb, Manzoor Ahmad and Ayaz. Talking on the occasion, the newly elected president and general secretary ensured their full support at every level to the association and said that they would work day and night for the promotion of the game. Meanwhile, a condolence Dua was also offered for the deported soul of late Dost Mohammad, former secretary of the Badminton association.

Badminton28 Jan 2021

Women Cricket: Pakistan South Africa T20I series starts on Friday
SPORTS REPORT DURBAN (January 28, 2021):-Pakistan women’s national cricket team will face South Africa in a three-match T20I series, which will be played at Durban’s Kingsmead Cricket Stadium from Friday. This will be the national side’s first international T20I format assignment since the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia last year. Pakistan have played eight T20Is in South Africa to date and faced South Africa in six of them. The tourists have won two - all in the last tour in 2019 – and lost four. Nida Dar was the leading run-getter (192 runs) and highest wicket-taker (five wickets) when Pakistan toured South Africa in 2019. In the recently concluded three-match ODI series, the 34-year-old scored back-to-back half-centuries in the first two matches and finished as the third best batter with 124 runs. Aliya Riaz topped the batting charts as she scored 136 runs – which included her career-best 81 in the second ODI. The all-rounder enjoys a healthy 71.50 batting average against South Africa in T20Is – the third best for the batters, who have scored more than 100 runs in the format against them. Pakistan captain Javeria Khan says her side is well equipped to challenge the hosts in their conditions. “It is a new series and presents us an opportunity to bounce back on the tour,” she told PCB Digital. “We have some exciting cricketers in our ranks, who can leave a mark and they are eager to make the most of this series. “All-rounders Nida Dar and Aliya Riaz have been in good form and their ability to hit the ball hard and contribute with the ball in the crucial middle overs provide good balance to the side. Diana Baig, who is on her first tour of South Africa, turned out to be the most successful bowler in the ODI series, which is a good sign for us and the presence of Aiman Anwar provides depth to our pace bowling department. “We have impressive spinners in Anam Amin, Nashra Sandhu and Sadia Iqbal and I have no doubts that these players will raise their hands when the situation demands from them.” In the recently concluded ODI series, Pakistan lost to the hosts by the margins of three runs, 13 runs and 32 runs and Javeria is hopeful that her side will learn from the mistakes. “We played good cricket in chunks but squandered opportunities to grab the game. We needed our batters to provide us solid starts, which was not the case, and we unfortunately also let go of crucial chances while fielding. “Batting in South Africa can be difficult. That our batters have been exposed to these conditions and have played three matches at the venue where we will be playing the T20I series, I am hopeful they will respond to the demands of the matches in T20I series accordingly.” Pakistan squad: Javeria Khan (c), Aimen Anwar, Aliya Riaz, Anam Amin, Ayesha Naseem, Ayesha Zafar, Diana Baig, Fatima Sana, Kainat Imtiaz, Muneeba Ali Siddiqui, Nahida Khan, Nashra Sandhu, Nida Dar, Omaima Sohail, Sadia Iqbal, Sidra Nawaz (wk) and Syeda Aroob Shah

Badminton28 Jan 2021

National Junior Badminton Championships 2021 start
SPORTS REPORT CHARSADDA (January 28, 2021):-The National Junior Badminton Championships 2021 started at Charsadda on Thursday. Syed Aqil Shah, President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Olympic Association inaugurated the event. More than 300 shuttlers are participating around the country. Boy's Single U-15, Boy's Single U-17, Girl's Single U-17, Men's Single U-19, Women's Single U-19, Men's Double U-19 and Women's Double U-19 events will be competed in the top national juniors’ fixture. As many as 73 matches have been played on the opening day of the championship. In the opening ceremony Wajid Ali Chaudhry, Secretary General PBF thanked all the participants coming from all over the country and appreciated the effort of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Badminton Association and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Directorate for providing the facilities. 2nd Round is under progress, Results: Boy's Single U-15 (Round-I): Mohammad Zaid (KP) beat Zain Subhani (PB) by 21-5, 21-6 Mohammad Abdullah (KP) beat Mohammad Abbas (ISB) by 21-7, 21-6 Mohammad Sulaman (ISB) beat Mir Shahmir (AJK) by 21-5, 21-5 Najam Ul Saqib (KP) beat Sufiyan (Sindh) by 21-12, 21-7 Amer Hassan Janjua (ISB) beat Khuzima Shahzad (PB) by 21-5, 21-10 Tahir Subhani (PB) beat Hashim Khan (KP) by 21-14, 23-25 Boy's Single U-17 (Round-I): Umer Farooq (KP) beat Ali Zain (Sindh) by 21-15, 21-11 Umair Khan (KP) beat Hassan Arshad (PB) by 21-15, 21-11 Inayat Fareed (KP) beat Bilawar Nadeem (Balo) by 21-17, 21-17 Moazam Tarique (Sindh) beat Sachal Shafiq (PB) by 16-21, 21-12, 21-17 Asad Afridi (KP) beat Faizan Asim (PB) by 21-19, 12-21, 21-8 Mehran (KP) beat Damir (Sindh) by 21-7, 21-18 Ahmad Niazi (PB) beat Ghadeer Ali (Balo) by 21-10, 21-13 Hashir Shah (KP) beat Moiz Ahmed (Sindh) by 21-7, 21-8 Men's Single U-19 (Round-I): Abdullah Siddiqi (Sindh) beat Muhammad Osama (Army) BY 21-16, 21-19 Mohammad Hanif (PB) beat Saad Nawaz Kiani (Army) by 21-13, 26-24 Haseeb Ahmad (PB) beat Farman Kehar (Sindh) by 21-14, 21-17 Azlan Shah (KP) beat Shahyar Ali (PB) by 21-12, 21-11 Mohammad Taha (Sindh) beat Jasim Khan (PB) by 21-6, 21-11 Hammad Asad (PB) beat Mohammad Noman (PB) by 21-14, 21-15