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Socca World Cup: Green Shirts play 3-3 draw against Marritius
SPORTS BULLETIN ISLAMABAD:-ISF Socca World Cup 2022 is in full swing at the Mazsa Ter Square of Budapest, Hungary with more than 40 nations competing. This is the third edition of the small sided World Cup with Pakistan placed in Group G amongst football giants like Mexico, Ireland, Scotland and Mauritius. Mauritius emerging as one of the promising sides in the world cup shares the group G with Team Pakistan. In a stellar showdown today, Mauritius was given a tough time by Pakistan players, who didn’t look minnows in any way in their second group game of the Six-a-side Socca World Cup underway in Budapest, Hungary. According to information made available here, team green took the lead right off the foot with Hamza Ibrahim Khan scoring the first goal in the first minute of kick off. Pakistan players keeping their aggressive attacking style intact continued to lead as the second goal was scored by Shabban Hussain making the score-line 2-0 against Mauritius. By the conclusion of the first half, the score-line showed as 3-1 with Pakistan leading them game. In the second half, the match saw a lot more aggression from both sides, a few yellow cards and some heated exchange of arguments. Mauritius scored two more goals in the second half of the match bringing the score-line to 3-3. From team Pakistan, Hamza Ibrahim Khan scored 2 goals while Shabban Hussain scored a single while for Mauritius, M.Soobye, J.Sarah, J.Ernest scored a goal each. The final score settled at 3-3 making the match a draw between the two sides and 1 point each being awarded in the league table. Head coach Gohar Zaman said: Pakistan’s participation in three back to back Socca World Cups and this could have been a great win for us but this was football is all about, anything can happen till the last minute. This is the first breakthrough for team green in getting a point in the league table since the last two world cups and is a moment of praise for the country and time to reflect and come back stronger.
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