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Hockey26 Mar 2021

FIH Pro League starts in April
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD (March 26, 2021):-While the COVID-19 global health pandemic continues to impact sporting competitions all over the world, FIH Hockey Pro League matches will take place early in April, with the national teams of Argentina welcoming Germany (men & women, 3-4 April) and India (men, 10-11 April) for some potentially thrilling clashes in Buenos Aires. In the men’s League, Argentina is currently ranked 6th, just behind India (5th) and Germany (4th). India and Germany have played six matches so far, Argentina eight. In the women's League, Argentina are second with eight matches played to date, while Germany is 7th having played only four matches. Although the fans will not be allowed into the stadium itself due to the strict health and safety protocols being followed, the matches will be available to watch via television or digital streaming thanks to our broadcast partnerships.

Hockey19 Mar 2021

FIH Executive Board approves 8-year global hockey calendar
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD (March 19, 2021):-The Executive Board (EB) of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) approved an 8-year global hockey calendar establishing dates and windows for FIH and Continental Federations’ events, as well as multi-sport events where hockey is included. This is a major step and long-awaited document which shall help scheduling competitions in a coordinated manner worldwide, for the benefit of all hockey stakeholders – FIH, Continental Federations, National Associations and also clubs. The dates for the first four years (2021-24) are final, while the next cycle (2025-28) is currently in draft and will be confirmed on an annual basis, at least 4 years in advance to assist all involved in hockey globally to plan their activities. The EB also confirmed the match schedule for the next FIH Hockey Pro League season (2021-2022). From that season on, matches will be played between October and June of the following year, within specific windows as detailed in the above-mentioned global hockey calendar. Europe’s qualification process for the FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup Spain & Netherlands 2022 and the FIH Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup India 2023 has been amended: For the Men, the 7 European participating teams will be determined as follows: The top 5 teams from the Euro Hockey Championship 2021 will qualify 2 teams will qualify from the European World Cup Qualifying Tournament 2021 (this event will comprise teams ranked 6-8 in the Euro Hockey Championship 2021 and teams ranked 1-5 in the Euro Hockey Championship II 2021) For the Women, beyond both hosts (Spain and the Netherlands), the 4 other participating teams from Europe will be determined as follows: The top 3 teams - not including Spain or the Netherlands - from the Euro Hockey Championship 2021 will qualify 1 team will qualify from the European World Cup Qualifying Tournament 2021 (this event will comprise the 3 lowest ranked teams - not including ESP and NED - in the Euro Hockey Championship 2021 as well as the teams ranked 1-5 in the Euro Hockey Championship II 2021) Furthermore, the EB has confirmed that FIH will organise its first ever senior World Hockey5s event on 11 and 12 September 2021, in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2019, in order to further boost the development of hockey globally through Hockey5s, the EB had decided to create an FIH Hockey5s World Cup - with the inaugural edition planned in 2023 - and, in the near future, a Hockey5s World Tour, which will consist of events similar to the Lausanne’s one. More information about this event will be communicated shortly. In order to shape the future sustainability strategy of hockey around the world, FIH has decided to create a Sustainability Task Force which will be responsible for setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measuring performance, including publishing a biennial Sustainability Report to be presented to the FIH Congress as well as to the wider sporting community. It will include representatives from National Associations, athletes, officials, event organisers and suppliers as well as external experts. FIH EB Member and Oceania Hockey Federation President Clare Prideaux has been appointed Chair of this Task Force.

Hockey15 Jan 2021

PHF delegation calls on Adnan Arshad
SPORTS REPORT LAHORE (January 15, 2021): Sports Board Punjab (SBP) in collaboration with Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) will organize First Quaid-e-Azam Inter-Division Hockey Championship here at National Hockey Stadium from Jan 23 to Feb 5, 2021. This important decision was taken during a meeting held between Director General Sports Punjab Adnan ArshadAulakh and PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa at National Hockey Stadium on Friday. Director Admin Javed Chohan and head coach of national hockey team Olympian Khawaja  Junaid were also present during the meeting. Director General Sports Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh and PHF delegation discussed all the administrative issues of the upcoming First Quaid-e-Azam Inter-Division Hockey Championship during the detailed meeting. Director General Sports Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh, on this occasion said that teams from all nine divisions of the province will participate in the grand championship. “Sports Board Punjab is fully cooperating with PHF for the revival of hockey which happened to be Pakistan’s national game,” he added. PHF Secretary Olympian Asif Bajwa thanked Director General Sports Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh for making effective efforts for the revival of hockey. “We will continue to join hands for this great task and we are hopeful that Pakistan will regain its lost glory in hockey in near future,” he added. Later, PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa and head coach of national hockey team Olympian Junaid also presented a bouquet and congratulated Director General Sports Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh on his promotion.  

Hockey22 Dec 2020

Belgium men and Netherlands women finish 2020 on top
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD (December 22, 2020):-As we approach the end of a challenging year, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) can confirm that Belgium men and the Netherlands women will finish 2020 sitting top of the FIH World Rankings. In January, FIH introduced its new match-based model for the calculation of the FIH World Rankings, with the FIH Hockey Pro League matches that were played in early part of the year seeing regular fluctuations in the standings before the COVID-19 global health pandemic brought the competition and all international hockey to a standstill in March. The brief but wonderful return of the competition between September and November saw further exchanges of points between the men’s and women’s national teams of Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain. The Netherlands (2631.99 points) are 457 ranking points ahead second placed Argentina (2174.61) at the top of the women’s FIH World Rankings, with Germany (2054.28) occupying third position, climbing one place following their FIH Hockey Pro League results against Belgium in September. Australia (2012.89) finish the year in fourth place, with England / Great Britain (1952.74) and New Zealand (1818.98) fifth and sixth respectively. Spain (7th place - 1802.13), Ireland (8th place - 1583.09), India (9th place – 1543.00) and China (10th place – 1521.00) complete the top ten. In the men’s FIH World Rankings, reigning world and European champions Belgium (2496.88 points) sit at the summit in front of 2019 FIH Hockey Pro League winners Australia (2nd place - 2385.70), Netherlands (3rd place – 2257.96) and India (4th place – 2063.78). Olympic champions Argentina (1967.39) are in fifth, followed by Germany (6th place – 1944.34), England / Great Britain (7th place – 1743.77), New Zealand (8th place – 1575.00), Spain (9th place – 1559.32) and Canada (10th place – 1417.37). The rankings calculations model that FIH introduced on 1st January 2020 moved away from the previous tournament-based rankings system to a dynamic, match-based method where opposing teams exchange points in official, FIH sanctioned games. The number of points exchanged depends on the result of the match, the relative ranking of the teams and the importance of the match. While the impact on the number of international matches being played in 2020 was dramatically reduced due to the pandemic, FIH Sport and Development Director Jon Wyatt felt the new approach to the FIH World Rankings was having a positive impact.  “Clearly with so few matches played this year compared to what we would expect in any normal year, the movement in rankings, now that we are using a match-based system, was not as great as it will be”, said Wyatt. “However, even in the limited number of matches that were played we saw the system working well, with points being exchanged that resulted in some movement up and down the rankings table after each match. We are all looking forward to seeing the dynamism of the system working to its full potential once the complete programme of international matches restarts again, so that the rankings will reflect the current form of each team. Let’s hope that’s not too far away.”

Hockey17 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: NBP, WAPDA, Sui Southern and Navy move into semies
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 17, 2020):-National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Sui Southern, Pakistan WAPDA and Pakistan Navy reached into the semifinals of the ongoing 66th National Hockey Championship 2020, as the semifinal would be played on Thursday at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi. NBP will take on Sui Southern in the first semifinal of the top national hockey fixture while Pakistan WAPDA will meet Pakistan Navy in the second semifinal, as the final will be played on Friday as same venue between the winners of both semifinals. On Tuesday, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Punjab, WAPDA and Sui Southern have won their league matches after beating their respective opponents. Results (Day-9):- Game 1: Pakistan Navy beat Mari Petroleum 1-0 Ali Sher (1)                                                                                                                                                       Game 2: Pakistan Air Force beat Pakistan Police 4-1 PAF: Mohammad Rizwan (2), Umer Mustafa (1), Abdul Rehman (1) Police: Abdul Ahad (1) Game 3: Punjab beat Port Qasim 3-0 Punjab: Mohammad Zain (1) Mohammad Ammar (1), Hanan Khan (1) Game 4: Pakistan WAPDA beat National Bank of Pakistan 2-1 WAPDA: Tausiq Khan (1), Mohammad Sohail (1) NBP: Mohammad Abu Bakar Game 5: Sui Southern beat Pakistan Army 1-0 Sui Southern: Zeeshan Ali (1)  

Hockey14 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: Navy stun Police 7-1
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 14, 2020):-Pakistan Navy thrashed Pakistan Police 7-1 in the second match of the day seven of the 66th National Hockey Championship 2020 at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi on Saturday. Ali Sher, Mohammad Imad and Mohammad Sowair scored each two goals for the Pakistan Navy while Mohammad Haris scored single goal. Results (Day-7): Game-1: Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) beat Port Qasim Authority (PQA) 4-2 MPCL: Mohammad Umair (1), Mohammad Wasim (1), Owais Ahmed (1), Mohammad Arbaz (1) PQA: Mohammad Abu Zar (1), Mohammad Taha (1)    Game-2: Pakistan Navy beat Pakistan Police 7-1 Navy: Ali Sher (2), Mohammad Imad (2), Mohammad Sowair (2), Mohammad Haris (1) Police: Mohsin Khan (1) Game-3: Pakistan WAPDA beat Pakistan Air Force (POA) 1-0 WAPDA: Salam Razzak Game-4: Punjab beat Pakistan Army 3-2 Punjab: Owais-ur-Rehman (2), Hanan Ahmed (1) Army: Ali Haider (1), Mohammad Afzal (1) Game-5: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) vs SSGPL (0-0)

Hockey12 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: SSGCL overpower PAF 7-1
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 12, 2020):-Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) overpowered 7-1 in the 66th National Hockey Championship 2020 at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi on Thursday. Results (Day-6): Game-1: Ports Qasim beat Pakistan Police 4-1 Ports Qasim: Sami Khan (1), Abu Zar (1), Hammad (1), Taha Khan (1) Police: Mohsin Shah Game-2: SSGCL beat Pakistan Air Force 7-1 Mubasher Ali (5), Ahmed Nadeem (1), Ali Sher (1) PAF: Rizwan Ali (1) Game-3: Pakistan WAPDA beat Mari Petroleum 3-1 WAPDA: Mohammad Ejaz (1), Aleem Bilal (1), Aleem Usman (1) Mari Petroleum; Tanzeem-ul-Hasan (1) Game-4: NBP beat Pakistan Army 4-2 NBP: Arsalan Qadair (2), Bilal Qadir (1), Aamir Ali (1) Army: Wasim Khan (1), Farhan Ahmed (1) Game-5: Pakistan Navy beat Punjab 3-1 Navy: Nauman (1), Mohammad Akbar (1), Hammad Khan (1) Punjab: Zain (1)

Hockey11 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: WAPDA brush aside Army 4-3
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 11, 2020):-Pakistan WAPDA defeated Pakistan Army 4-3 in the 66th National Hockey Championship 2020 at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi on Wednesday. Aleem Bilal scored two goals for the winners. Results (Day-5): Game-1: Pakistan WAPDA beat Pakistan Army 4-3 WAPDA: Aleem Bilal (2), Aleem Usman (1), Tasawar Abbas (1) Pakistan Army: Waseem Akram (1), Mohammad Farhan (1), Ali Haider (1) Game-2: National Bank of Pakistan beat Port Qasim 8-1 NBP: Arsalan Qadir (2), Bilal Qadir (2), Mohammad Dilbar (1), Shan irshad (1), Mohammad Faizan (1), Mohammad Abu Bakar (1) Port Qasim: Mohammad Sami (1) Game-3: SSGCL beat Pakistan Navy 4-0 Mubasir Ali (2), Ahmed Nadeem (1), Ghazanfar Ali (1) Game-4: Mari Petroleum Company Limited beat Pakistan Police 6-1 MPCL: Arbaz Ahmed (3), Abdul Rehman (2), Umair Sattar (1) Police: Umair (1) Game-5: Pakistan Air Force beat Punjab 3-0 PAF: Abdul Rehman (2), Numan Khan (1)

Hockey09 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: NBP outclass Police 11-0
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 9, 2020):- The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) outclassed Pakistan Police 11-0 in single sided affair in the hockey match of the ongoing 66th National Hockey Championship 2020 at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi on Monday. Dilbar Khan netted the ball five times during the 60 minutes of game for the NBP. Also, Sui Souhtern, Mari Pertoleum and Pakistan WAPDA registered their wins in the top national hockey fixture. The match between Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Forces ended in draw, as the players of both teams failed to score any goal in the match. Results (Day-4): Game-1: Sui Southern beat Port Qasim 6-0 Mubashir ali (2), Ahmed Nadeem (1), Ali Shan (1), Moen Shakil (1), Mohammad Adnan (1) Game-2: Mari Petroleum beat Punjab 1-0 Aitsham Khan (1) Game-3: NBP beat Pakistan Police 11-0 Dilbar Khan (5), Aamir Ali (1), Junaid Manzoor (1), Mohammad Abu Bakar (1), Nokhaiz Khan (1), Bilal Qadir (1), Shan Irshad (1) Game-4: WAPDA beat Pakistan Navy 3-2 WAPDA: Rana Waheed (2), Aleem Bilal (1) Navy: Mohammad Sultan (1), Mohammad Shahbaz (1) Game-5: Pakistan Army vs Pakistan Air Force 0-0

Hockey08 Nov 2020

National Hockey Championship 2020: Mari Petroleum defeat Army 2-1
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (November 8, 2020):-Hosts Mari Petroleum defeated Pakistan Army 2-1 in the 66th National Hockey Championship 2020 at Ayub Park Hockey Ground Rawalpindi on Sunday. National Bank of Punjab (NBP), Sui Southern, WAPDA and Pakistan Navy also posted victories in the top national hockey show piece after beating their respective opponents at same venue. Former Director General Mari Petroleum Lt. General (Retd) Ishfaq Nadeem and Lt. General (Retd) Asghar Nawaz graced the 4th match of the day as chief gust in which Mari Petroleum outclassed Pakistan Army 2-1 in the well-contested 60 minutes game. At this occasion former international players Manzoor Hussain Junior, Ayaz Mehmood, Nasir Ali, Waseem Feroz and Rana Mujahid were also present. Results (Day-3): Game-1: NBP beat Punjab 2-1 Aamir Ali and Mohammad Abu Bakar scored each goal for NBP while Hanan Ali netted the ball for Punjab. Game-2: Sui Southern outclass Pakistan Police 9-0 Ahmed Nadeem (3), Mubashir Ali (2), Ali Shan (2) Mohammad Rizwan (1), Mohammad Zeeshan (1) Game-3: WAPDA overcome Port Qasim 6-0 Aleem Bilal (3), Rana Waheed (1), Sohail Anjum (1), Amjad Ali (1) Game-4: Mari Petroleum defeat Pakistan Army 2-1 Umair Sattar (2) for Mari Petroleum, Mohammad Arsalan (1) Game-5: Pakistan Navy stun Pakistan Air Force 3-0 Babar Hussain (1), Hammad Ali (1), Numan Janjua (1)