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CRICKET - Int News 02 Oct, 2022

Sri Lanka safe to host LPL , says Sanath Jayasuriya
Sri Lanka safe to host LPL , says Sanath Jayasuriya


Sri Lanka could not host the last Asia Cup in Sri Lanka due to the economic crisis and political unrest in the country, but it is now "safe" to host the forthcoming Lanka Premier League (LPL). This was revealed by former captain Sanath Jayasuriya.

Speaking exclusively here in Mumbai, where the 53-year-old came to attend the second Road Show hosted by the Sri Lanka Tourism and Consulate General of Sri Lanka, Jayasuriya said, "Sri Lanka is now safer than what it was a few months ago. We will certainly host the LPL successfully and welcome the foreign players and the visitors. We want more people from the Asian countries to come and watch the matches and be satisfied with yourselves".

Interestingly, Jayasuriya, who is a part of the Sri Lanka Legends team participating in the Road Safety World Series in India, came immediately playing the match against Bangladesh team in Raipur and returned to Raipur in the wee hours on Thursday to play the second Semi Final against West Indies.

Chances of winning the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Australia, Jayasuriya says, "Our team is capable of winning the World Cup. Look at our recent performance in the Asia Cup. We were underdogs for the Asia Cup. When our team lost against Afghanistan, the people had written off our team and India was favourite to win it but ultimately, Sri Lankan team rose to the occasion".

"Same thing had happened in the 1996 World Cup. No one had said that Sri Lanka would reach the Semi Final but we won the World Cup and therefore we urge the fans not to undermine our performance on and off the field".