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Ijaz-ur-Rehman lifts the title of Ramzan Cup Tenpin Bowling Tournament
Sports Bulletin Report RWALPINDI:-Top national bowling player, Ijaz-ur-Rehman has won the title of Ramadan Cup Tenpin Bowling Tournament after showing sparkling performance at Leisure City Bowling Club, Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi. Noor ul Ain and Mohammad Shahid won the women’s and deaf men's title respectively. In the professional category, Ijaz ur Rehman got first position with 2812 scores, Junaid Shafique obtained second position with 2693 scores and Daniyal ul Ijaz bagged third position with 2604 scores. In the women's event, Noor-ul-Ain won first position with 380 scores, Amber got second position with 360 scores and Sadia finished with third position at 345 scores. In the men deaf event, Mohammad Shahid got first position with 1370 scores, Mohammad Zohaib obtained second position with 1249 scores and Mohammad Zahid bagged third positions with 1190 scores.