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Football07 Apr 2021

Pakistan Football Federation Suspended
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (April 7, 2021):-Due to interference in the matters of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalization Committee, the Bureau of the FIFA Council decided to suspend the Chadian Football Association (FTFA) with immediate effect due to government interference. According to available information from abroad, the Bureau of the FIFA Council suspended the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) with immediate effect due to third-party interference, which constitutes a serious violation of the FIFA Statutes. This situation was prompted by the recent hostile takeover of the PFF headquarters in Lahore by a group of protestors and an alleged decision by certain individuals to remove the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee of the PFF led by Haroon Malik and to hand over the leadership of the PFF to Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah. FIFA issued a letter warning that, should the illegitimate occupation of the PFF headquarters not be lifted and the office bearers recognised by FIFA not be permitted free access to the building to carry out their mandate, the matter would be immediately submitted to the Bureau of the Council for decision. As the situation remains unchanged, the Bureau of the Council has decided to suspend the PFF. This suspension will only be lifted once FIFA has received confirmation from the normalisation committee of the PFF that the PFF’s premises, accounts, administration and communication channels are again under its full control and it can continue to carry out its mandate without further hindrance.

Football28 Mar 2021

Zahir Shah condemns attack on PFF Headquarter
SPORTS REPORT PESHAWAR (March 28, 2021):-The FIFA suspension looms over Pakistan after Engineer Ashfaq-led group attacked on Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Headquarters in Lahore, said former Vice President of the PFF Syed Zahir Ali Shah at a press conference here at Press Club on Sunday. Condemning the act, Syed Zahir Ali Shah, who is also part of the Ashfaq-led group as Senior Vice President, said that due to the attack the efforts of bringing football activities in real shape, received a denting response after the forcefully vacating the PFF House from the recently established FIFA Normalization Committee (NC) members led by Canadian based Malik Haroon as chairman. The football activities and its hope to bring back in real shape again after the assurance given to him by the new AFC-FIFA nominated Chairman Malik Haroon during a recent meeting, vanished once again due to condemnable act of Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah led-group. Despite being part with the group which came through a Supreme Court decision through election in a premises of the Supreme Court in Islamabad and a judge nominated as Presiding Officer to conduct election, the forcefully vacated PFF Headquarters is not a justified act any way because FIFA did not recognized that election, Syed Zahir Ali Shah, added. “We as football lover request to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene and rescue football in Pakistan because millions of sportspersons associated with this much loved Games of football,” he remarked. He disclosed that Ashfaq Hussain Shah had vacated the PFF headquarters in Lahore 19 months ago and Malik Haroon said that he had a road map for the election in April this year so what such step was taken in the wrong direction, he questioned. He said, Engr. Ashfaq-led group, which had vacated the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) headquarters in Lahore 19 months ago, regained its control on Saturday, last, and the head of FIFA Normalization Committee Malik Haroon in his press statement has already said to break the glasses to escape the building. He said, Haroon accepted that such act was on force and the whole matter has come to the notice of FIFA so now certainly a suspension looming over Pakistan from FIFA, which he did not want even being part of Ashfaq Hussain Shah group earlier on. “I will follow AFC and FIFA decision and would not go by otherwise,” Syed Zahir Ali Shah added while answering a question. When asked why being part of the election, he said: “We follow the Supreme Court decision at that time and conducted the election under a nominated judge as President Officer for election. He said the previously announced NC failed to conduct the election during its time which further deteriorated condition for running football affairs in Pakistan. Meanwhile, in a media talks, Ashfaq, former president of Pakistan Football Federation, said that they had taken charge after the resolution which was passed in the Congress meeting in Islamabad. “The FIFA Normalization Committee has failed in its task,” he said. He said that the committee, which has not been able to hold a federation election in 19 months, cannot be allowed to lower the standard of football in Pakistan. “Now we have come to improve football. The committee members were not doing anything despite being paid millions of rupees. For a long time, nothing has been done to improve football. “We had given charge to Hamza Khan in the presence of the media. Haroon Khan's teammates have broken the windows of FIFA House. We have approached the police against them. We will also inform FIFA of the situation in writing. We will serve football and football will be revolutionized,” he added. Ashfaq said they will make sure that the elections are held on time. “We demand that strict action be taken against Malik Haroon & Company.” Following this humiliating episode, the 2021 National Women's Football Championship, which had been underway in Karachi, was also cancelled. “The PFF office was attacked in Lahore by Ashfaq Shah and his group,” the PFF NC alleged in a statement. “Sardar Naveed Haider Khan was also present with the attackers. The PFF staff physically harassed and were held hostage. The group has taken over the PFF house,” he concluded.

Football02 Nov 2020

FIFA celebrates Pelé’s 80th birthday
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD:-Brazilian and world football legend Pelé, the only player to have won the FIFA World Cup three times, celebrated his 80th birthday on October 24, 2020. Football lovers everywhere will have the chance to relive memories from Pelé’s former team-mates, his family and friends, and to view birthday greetings from past and present global football stars, from FIFA Legends and from FIFA President Gianni Infantino. And, last but not least, the special birthday content will include an exclusive interview with O Rei himself. “Pelé took football to another level. Not only did he epitomise the beautiful game, but he also played with an effortless flair, the like of which had never been seen in Europe. It was just amazing to watch him on the pitch. He is nicknamed O Rei – the King –, and rightly so. I would like to wish Pelé a very happy 80th birthday from the bottom of my heart, and above all health. Today is really a celebration day for the entire world of football,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Football22 Sep 2020

GWC announced as Regional Supporter and Official Logistics Provider for FIFA World Cup 2022
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD (September 22, 2020):-Qatar-based GWC (Q.P.S.C.), a leader in supply chain solutions including warehousing, freight forwarding, commercial, fine art, and event logistics services, was announced as the first Regional Supporter and Official Logistics Provider for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. As such, GWC will be the key operational supplier of logistics solutions for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 GWC, which was the National Supporter and Official Logistics Provider for the FIFA Club World Cup 2019™, will build on this experience and draw on its robust network of contacts throughout the world to deliver logistics and supply chain services for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Speaking about the announcement, FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer Simon Thomas said: “Logistics are critical to an event as large and complex as the FIFA World Cup, so having GWC on board as a Regional Supporter and the Official Logistics Provider for the tournament will provide FIFA and its Commercial Affiliates with crucial support and expertise in logistics and supply chain management, which will ensure a smooth and efficient delivery of the competition.” GWC Chairman Sh. Abdulla bin Fahad bin Jassem bin Jabor Al-Thani said: “Today marks a landmark achievement in the history of GWC as we are entrusted to deliver the logistical requirements for the FIFA World Cup 2022, and today we become a trusted player in the journey towards 2022, proudly doing our part in actualising another milestone of Qatar’s vision. We enter this agreement with confidence that we will showcase the world-class sporting and logistics infrastructure that Qatar has developed over the years, while embodying the values of sportsmanship and encouraging active engagement of football enthusiasts and wider audiences.” GWC has a logistical infrastructure covering more than three million square metres, including the largest privately owned logistics hub in the region, along with a team of dedicated and innovative specialists and state-of-the-art IT systems. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will take place from 21 November until 18 December in eight stadiums around Qatar – three of which are already fully operational, with two more scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

Football28 Aug 2020

PFF to conduct 'C' License Coaching Courses in Karachi and Lahore
SPORTS REPORT ISLAMABAD (August 28, 2020):-Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) will conduct the PFF 'C' License Coaching Course from Sunday, September 6, 2020, in Karachi and Lahore. This will be the first 'C' License coaching course conducted in the country in the last five years. The course will help 25 aspiring candidates from each of the two cities who'll be admitted to first come and first serve basis to pursue their football coaching dream. A minimum of 50 per cent of the total course slots will be reserved for female applicants. In case that those seats are not covered, they will be available for the applicants that could be in the waiting list. Theory part will be conducted through Zoom online application from September 6 to 13 while practical work will be held from September 17 to 20 in Lahore and from September 24 to 27 in Karachi. "We are thrilled to launch these two coaching courses after a long time. To enhance the knowledge of coaches is a must for us right now. We will be sharing with the aspiring coaches the right amount of the right information at the right time," National Technical Director Daniel Limones said. PFF General Secretary Manizeh Zainli echoed Limones' thoughts mentioning how important coaching courses are to ensure a healthy football ecosystem. "It's a big step in the right direction for the PFF to conduct the first 'C' License Course in five years and it resonates with our aim to regulate the sport in pakistan. Increasing the number of qualified coaches in the country is the most basic need” said Zainli. PFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Humza Khan said: "Coach Education is key to ensure that the sport is headed towards betterment. And the PFF is determined to help current and aspiring coaches improve their knowledge and skills which is in turn going to benefit the sport in the country."

Football17 Jul 2020

FIFA World Cup 2022: Match schedule confirmed
SPORTS DESK ISLAMABAD (July 17, 2020):-The iconic image of FIFA World Cup™ champions France lifting the trophy at Luzhniki Stadium is still fresh in the memory of every football fan. Exactly two years after that historic occasion on 15 July 2018, the unveiling of the match schedule for the next edition invites the football world to dream of a new beginning – one that, now, has a precise time and place to start. Al Bayt Stadium, a 60,000-capacity arena that takes its name and shape from the traditional tents used by nomadic peoples in the Gulf region, will be the stage for hosts Qatar to kick off the tournament on Monday, 21 November 2022 at 13:00 local time* (11:00 CET). The local kick-off times for group matches have been set for 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00, with the simultaneous kick-offs for the last round of group games and knockout-stage timings being 18:00 and 22:00. Khalifa International Stadium will be the setting for the play-off for third place on 17 December. The final will kick off one day later at 18:00 at Lusail Stadium in front of an 80,000 crowd. With the aim of providing all teams with optimal rest between their matches, the group stage will last 12 days and, with four matches per day, it promises a full and exciting schedule for fans. The tournament’s compact nature – with no air travel needed to move between the venues – will allow organisers, for the first time, to optimise specific match demands for the benefit and comfort of fans, teams and media. This will be achieved through the assignment of the group fixtures for each matchday to a stadium and kick-off time only after the final draw, currently planned for after the March 2022 international match calendar qualifying window. Once the pairings are known, the possibility will be discussed of providing a more beneficial kick-off time for audiences at home, or indeed for fans in Qatar with regard to the stadium allocation. That additional flexibility is possible without affecting any technical aspects since all stadiums are located within a compact radius and the climate is perfect at that time of year in Qatar, whether it is an early or a late kick-off. On top of that, this will potentially give fans the opportunity to attend more than one match a day during the group stage. For those eager to book their seats at Qatar 2022, hospitality sales are scheduled to start in late 2020. Ticket sales for the general public will be conducted solely via, where details on the timeline, phases, categories and prices will be communicated in due course.

Football08 Jul 2020

PFF appoints Daniel Limones as Technical Director
ABDUL JABBAR FAISAL ISLAMABAD (July 8, 2020):-The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has appointed Daniel Limones from Spain as the technical director. Limones was previously associated with Spanish La Liga giants Club Atletico de Madrid and was working with the club's academy in Lahore as head coach and academy manager simultaneously. He also worked with other Spanish clubs including Rayo Vallecano. As PFF's Technical Director, Limones will design and execute strategies which would lead to the development of football in Pakistan. PFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Humza Khan said that the appointment was a step in the right direction by the PFF. "We're excited to have Limones aboard. We fully believe his addition to the setup will help Pakistan football to flourish, “he added. Limones said that there was massive potential for football in Pakistan to grow. "The opportunities and possibilities are innumerable, since football in Pakistan start. Players, coaches, clubs and the federation can be shaped in future for the new generations, working together under the banner of PFF, “he concluded.

Football22 Mar 2020

Lorenzo Sanz: Former Real Madrid president dies after contracting coronavirus
Sports Desk ISLAMABAD (March 22, 2020):-Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz died on Saturday after being taken to hospital with coronavirus. Sanz, 76, was president at the Bernabeu from 1995-2000, a period in which Real won the Champions League twice. "My father has just died," wrote Sanz's son Lorenzo Sanz Duran on Twitter. "He did not deserve this end in this manner. One of the best, most courageous and hard working people I have seen in my life. His family and Real Madrid were his passion." Sanz signed players such as Roberto Carlos, Clarence Seedorf and Davor Suker during his time in charge of the 33-time Spanish champions. He lost the 2000 presidential election to Florentino Perez, which sparked Real's big-spending 'Galatico' era. Sanz's son Fernando, 46, played for Real Madrid from 1996-1999 before spending the final seven years of his career at Malaga.

Football26 Dec 2019

Costa Rica and Panama to host FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2020
  Sports Desk ISLAMABAD:-FIFA inspection visited to Costa Rica and Panama as well as further discussions with the two relevant member associations, the Bureau of the FIFA Council has confirmed that the FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup 2020 will be played in August in Costa Rica and Panama. The 16 participating teams will be divided into four groups of four with the best two of each group advancing to the quarter finals. This will be the first ever co-hosting of a FIFA youth tournament and the second co-hosting of a FIFA tournament since the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™. The number of stadiums to be used for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica and Panama 2020 will be discussed and confirmed with the two member associations. Details on the tournament’s timeframe and match schedule will follow. “We would like to thank the Costa Rican and the Panamanian football associations for their commitment towards women’s football and the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in particular. We are looking forward to a fantastic competition in August”, says FIFA’s Chief Tournaments and Events Officer Colin Smith. “After the highly successful FIFA Women’s World Cup in France this year, it is important that we build on the momentum at all levels of the game. The U20WWC in Costa Rica and Panama next year is a perfect opportunity for us to continue driving the popularity of the game and with it being the first jointly hosted tournament – we can make the impact even greater”, says Sarai Bareman, Chief Women’s Football Officer.

Football13 Dec 2019

Bid for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023
Bid for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Sports Desk ISLAMABAD:-The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ bidding process, which has seen an unprecedented interest from member associations, has reached an important milestone, with the following four bids having been submitted by the deadline of 13 December 2019: Joint submission by the Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football Submission by the Brazilian Football Association Submission by the Colombian Football Association Submission by the Japan Football Association All of the bid books, along with their respective executive summaries, are available on FIFA will now implement an assessment process, including inspection visits to the member associations which are expected to take place across January and February 2020. Once finalised, the evaluation report will be published on and all eligible bids will be presented to the FIFA Council, which is set to select the host(s) of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 at its meeting in Addis Ababa in June 2020. Following on from the astounding success of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in France and the subsequent unanimous decision by the FIFA Council, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be the first edition of the women’s showpiece to feature 32 teams. “France 2019 was certainly a watershed moment for women’s football, and now it is FIFA’s responsibility to take concrete measures to keep fostering the game’s incredible growth. With the FIFA Women’s World Cup generating an unprecedented interest across member associations, we are ensuring that the process to select the hosts is seamless, objective, ethical and transparent. By the time the FIFA Council announces the hosts, there should be no doubt whatsoever as to why that choice was made,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.