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Martial Arts - Ju Jitsu
National Ju-Jitsu Championship to on March 17, 2023 in Peshawar
Sports Bulletin Report PESHAWAR: The 14th National Ju-Jitsu Championship will begin in Peshawar on March 17, as the three-day event will feature elite local athletes, including current Asian medalist, with Pakistan WAPDA defending their titles in the men’s and women’s category, respectively Secretary of Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) Tariq Ali said: “We want to make Pakistan proud in the field of JuJitsu. Hopefully, the event will produce new talent for Pakistan. “The championship will be contested in 30 categories in which the country’s top teams includ­ing Navy, Wapda, Police, all provinces, GB & Islamabad will participate.” “Pakistani ju-jitsu players have been performing consistently in international events including Asian and World Championships and winning laurels for the country. This championship is being organized keeping in mind the current year’s international events including Asian Games and Asian Beach Games in China, Asian Martial Arts Games in Thailand and World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia. The best players of this event will be picked up for further train­ing and grooming to represent the country in these presti­gious events.”
Pakistani athletes win 2 silvers in Asian Ju-Jitsu Championship
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: Pakistani athletes have demonstrated their tremendous skills by winning silver medal during the 7th Asian Ju-Jitsu Championship 2023 held from February 25 -28, 2023 at Bangkok, Thailand under the aegis of Ju-Jitsu Asian Union (JJAU). According to Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) General Secretary Tariq Ali, there were total 581 entries from 30 countries in this mega event, whereas, Pakistan just fielded only 3 players due to paucity of funds. Isra Waseem and Kainat Arif won a silver medal in the women’s category and Dilawer Khan Sannan and Isra Waseem took 5th in Mix category. Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation also received an award for best third National federation in the duo category in Asia. He said PJJF has extended their heartiest congratulations on this achievement of our talented players, who have always made our motherland proud at every international forum. “By the grace of Allah Almighty, our players have won these medals. Their hard work and dedicated training have paid off, they have proven their skills and won these medals. He also appreciated the hard work and commitment of PJJF coaches who trained the team and enhanced their skills and our champions have made us proud once again. Pakistani players outclassed and defeated all their best Asian teams in these categories.” He also thanked Pakistan Sports Board for providing National training camp for this mega event in Karachi Centre as it was very helpful for our national players. He added that India had made 30 entries into the championship whereas Kazakhstan and Thailand made 70 and 55 entries respectively. Their teams are being provided all possible facilities by the authorities. On the other hand, Pakistan who dominated as Asian champion from 2006 to 2017, despite lack of facilities or finances, is still bringing medals in each event wherever they participate which is quite incredible.
PJJF: Waqar and Tariq become president and secretary for next 4-year
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE: KARACHI: Waqar Ilyas and Tariq Ali have been elected president and secretary respectively of Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) for next four-year term, as the elections were held here at Conference Room of National Hockey Stadium. Barrister Iftikhar Raza Khan, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan as Election Commissioner conducted the elections process. The General Council Meeting was attended by all voter member units of the Federation and observers from departmental units. The House approved the allocation of National Ju-Jitsu Championship 2023 to KPK Ju-Jitsu Association, which would be held in Peshawar in March 2023. The House also confirmed the hosting of South Asian Ju-Jitsu Championship in the month of May 2023 at Islamabad. Approval was also given to participation in upcoming international competitions. Names of elected office bearers: 1. Patron (Ahmed Jamal Ur Rehman, DIG-Police) 2. Chairman (Khalil Ahmed Khan) 3. President (Waqar Ilyas Khan 4. Senior Vice President (Kazim Ali Changezi)                          5. Vice President (Nasir Mahmood Khan)          6. Vice President (Col Ghulam Mehdi)           7. Vice President (Sundas Khan)                      8. General Secretary (Tariq Ali)                          9. Treasurer (Liaqat Ali)                                                                   10. Director Referee (Tehseen Ullah) 11. Associate Secretary (Mohammad Zaid Arif) 12. Executive Members (Six): Dr Haris Ashraf, Hafiza Neelum Muneeb, Syeda Madeeha Zaidi, Warda Hameed, Fayyaz Feroze, Mirza Farooq Ahmed  
PJJF signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SMAP
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: The Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan (SMAP) aiming to improve health awareness for its athletes. Dr. Ucksy Mallick, Vice President, South Asia, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine and President, SMAP, signed the document with Tariq Ali, Secretary General South Asia Ju-Jitsu Regional Association and Associate Secretary, PJJF, in a ceremony held at Karachi. The MOU between the two associations is an understanding that both shall educate and foster growth of participants / athletes of JiuJitsu Martial arts in Pakistan. The Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan (SMAP) shall provide for various courses, seminars, workshops on Sports Injuries, Sports Taping, First Aid & CPR, Doping in Sports and others for PJJF’s athletes and coaches across the country. The Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan (SMAP) extends is heartiest congratulations to the Members of PJJF for this great achievement as it would provide for the betterment of athletes health and sports in Pakistan.
Federal Minister IPC Ehsan Mazari visits National JuJitsu Training Camp
Sports Bulletin Report KARACHI: Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Ehsan-ur-Rahman Mazari along with Secretary General of South Asian Ju-Jitsu Regional Association and Association General of Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation Tariq Ali visited the ongoing National JiuJitsu Training Camp at Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Coaching Center Karachi. After assuring the coaches and players of the camp to improve the training and PSB's support, he expressed his best wishes for the success of the players in the upcoming various mega international events. Also, Tariq Ali presented a commemorative shield to Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, Ehsanur Rehman Mazari on behalf of the Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation.
National Ju-Jitsu Championship for Men & Women
Pakistan WAPDA athletes earn 4 top positions Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE:-The exciting competitions of 13th National for Men’s and Women’s Ju-Jitsu Championship are going on at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium Hall here on Wednesday. A large number of Ju-Jitsu enthusiasts and sports lovers were there to cheer their favourite teams. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi, in a statement on Wednesday said that the players from all participating teams are demonstrating their best fighting skills. “We are quite upbeat that several talented male and female players will emerge from 13th National Men/Women Ju-Jitsu Championship.” At the end of 2nd day matches, a prize distribution ceremony was organized in which successful players were given medals. President Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) Khaleel Ahmed Khan, Rana Mahmood ul Hasan and Agha Naveed were also present at the prize distribution ceremony. Results: Ne-waza women -52kg 1st Kainat (Wapda), 2nd Mehak (Navy), 3rd Iqra Wakeel (KPK), 4th Asiya Qadiv (Punjab) Ne-waza women -63kg 1st Dr Hafsa (Punjab), 2nd Fazelat (Navy), 3rd Nazia Ali (KPK), 4th Arwa (Wapda)  Ne-waza women -48kg 1st Bano Butt (Punjab), 2nd Kausar (Wapda), 3rd Muqaddas (KPK), 4th Anum (Navy) Ne-waza Men -77kg 1st Amir Shehzad (Police), 2nd Shazaib (Sindh), 3rd Daud Alif (Punjab), 4th Farhan Anjum (Wapda)  Ne-waza Men Open 1st Hamid Ali (Navy), 2nd Mirza Sadaat Beig (Wapda), 3rd Abid (Police), 4th Dr Wahab (Balochistan)  Duo Mix 1st Huraira/Isra (Wapda), 2nd Sahar/Ahad (Punjab), 3rd Fazilat/Farhan (Navy), 4th Ali/Hurmat (Sindh),  Show men 1st Shahzeb/Rafiq (Wapda), 2nd Amir/Tayyab (KPK), 3rd Yousuf Ali/ Rohaan (Sindh), 4th Abdullah/Sajid (Punjab), Fighting men -56kg 1st Saeed Anwar (Wapda), 2nd Salman Khan (KPK), 3rd Haris (Sindh), 4th Rashid (islamabad)
National Ju-Jitsu Championship starts at Nishtar Park Lahore
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE:-Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi inaugurated the 13th National Men’s & Women’s Ju-Jitsu Championship at a grand opening ceremony at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium Hall here on Tuesday. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi and Director General Iran Khana Farhang Lahore Jafar Ronas were the guests of honour on this occasion. They also unveiled the championship trophy before being introduced to all the participating teams, referees and other officials. They also witnessed the exciting fights and appreciated the games skills of young players. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi and Director General Iran Khana Farhang Lahore Jafar Ronas also exchanged souvenirs at the inaugural ceremony. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi also presented souvenirs to other guests including Dr Nafees Anjum, Rana Mahmood-ul-Hasan and President Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) Khalil Ahmed Khan on this occasion. Director Sports Nadeem Qaiser, Director Admin Syed Omair Hasan, DSO Tanveer Shah, National Chess Champion Mahmood Lodhi, President PJJF Khalil Ahmed Khan, Secretary PJJF Waqar Ilyas Khan, Director Referee Kazim Ali Changezi, Administrator Mustfa Shah and other officials were also present on this occasion. Over 300 male and female players from eight teams Wapda, Police, Navy, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), GilgitBaltistan (GB), Sindh and Islamabad are participating in the 3-day 13th National Men/Women Ju-Jitsu Championship. Players and officials of all the participating teams also took part in march-past.  
National Ju-Jitsu Championship kicks off from August 23, 2022
Sports Bulletin Report LAHORE:-Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi has said that Sports Board Punjab (SBP) will provide best facilities and cooperation for the holding of 13th National Men/Women Ju-Jitsu Championship scheduled to be held at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium Hall from August 23 to 25, 2002; he said this while addressing a press conference at National Hockey Stadium on Monday. Director Sports Nadeem Qaiser, Director Admin Syed Omair Hasan, Chief Sports Consultant SBP Hafeez Bhatti, President Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) Khalil Ahmed Khan, Secretary PJJF Waqar Ilyas Khan, Director Referee Kazim Ali Changezi and other officials were also present on this occasion. Addressing the press conference, Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi said that country’s top teams including Pakistan Army, Navy, Wapda and all provinces will participate in the 3-day championship. “The championship will be considered a sort of trials and performance of all male and female players will be monitored minutely in the 13th National Ju-Jitsu Championship and the top performers of the event could be given a chance to represent Pakistan in international Ju-Jitsu competitions”. Elaborating the origin of Ju-Jitsu, DG Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi further said that Ju-Jitsu is a kind of martial arts and the games of judo and karate have also started from ju-jitsu. “The center of ju-jitsu is Japan, after which the sport started in Brazil,” he added. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi further said that Sports Board Punjab is focusing on individual sports to win medals in international events. “We are going to prepare a nursery of young players from Under-10 to Under-16 players of different games from across the province. Several of these young players will become star players and win medals for the country in future”. Director General Sports Punjab Mohammad Tariq Qureshi said:“We are working on a plan to build an arena in Nishtar Park Sports Complex for Power Sports. “Power sports will include wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, powerlifting, judo, karate and other sports”. President Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) Khalil Ahmed Khan on this occasion said that ju-jitsu players have always earned laurels for Pakistan at the international level. “Ju-jitsu players won several gold medals for Pakistan in the past and will continue this streak in future as well”.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa selects team for National Jujitsu Championship
Sports Bulletin Report PEAHAWAR:-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa female team has been selected for the 13th National Jujitsu Championship, which will be held in Lahore. The teams were selected after trials in which more than 100 players from across the province participated. Ahad Gul Afridi, Abdul Samad, Naeem Khan and Secretary General Tahsinullah were the part of selection committee. Names of selected players: Sadaf Riaz in 48 kg, Ayesha in 52 kg, Rana Nawaz in 57 kg, Bushra Bibi in 65 kg, Men's 50 kg GM.