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Cricket18 Jun 2020
Cricket Board extends domestic players and coaches contracts


ISLAMABAD (June 18, 2020):-On Thursday, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced that the contracts of all domestic players and coaches would be extended, expiring on 30 June, till 31 July before the new 12-month contracts will come into effect from 1 August.

The decision has been made by the High Performance Department, which is presently busy carrying out a 360 degree appraisal of all its coaches. The process is expected to conclude early next month with the six Cricket Association sides to be confirmed by the end of July.

In the 2019-20 season, the PCB had offered 192 contracts to the domestic cricketers of which 186 cricketers had accepted the contracts.

Director – High Performance, Nadeem Khan: “As part of a comprehensive and extensive review process, we are conducting appraisals of all coaches, which is a three-phase process including self-assessment, interviews and feedback from players and fellow coaches.

“This is the modern 360 degree way of appraising professionals as we remain committed to put in place the best available coaches who can provide best coaching and training to the players, which, in turn, will contribute to further enhance the quality of our domestic cricket.

“Once the appraisal of the coaches is concluded, the six Cricket Association coaches will be involved in the team selection process. We hope to conclude the entire exercise by end July with 12-month contracts coming into effect from 1 August 2020.

“It is premature to predict when we will be able to start our 2020-21 domestic cricket season due to the evolving Covid-19 situation. But, internally, we need to be ready to start the season at a short notice.”

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