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Others07 Apr 2021
Arshad Nadeem leaves for Iran


ISLAMABAD (April 7, 2021):-Top national athlete Arshad Nadeem along with his mentor on Wednesday left for Mashad, Iran to participate in the Javelin Throw discipline of 1st International Reza Cup that will be held from April 11-12, 2021.

According to an official of Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP), Reza International Cup is being organized by Athletics Federation of Ira. Arshad Nadeem will depart to Turkey from Iran on 13th April 2021 to attend a 3 week Olympic Training Camp for preparations of Olympic Games 2021. World Athletics Coach Viktor will train Arshad Nadeem. After attending the International training camp Arshad will return to Pakistan on 1st   May 2021.

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