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GOLF - National 04 Jul, 2024

PGF Juniors Golf Coaching and Talent Hunt Program starts in Islamabad
PGF Juniors Golf Coaching and Talent Hunt Program starts in Islamabad

Abdul Jabbar Faisal

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) started the 3rd PGF Juniors Golf Coaching and Talent Hunt Program in collaboration with Islamabad Police, aiming to dig out young golfing talent across the region.

According to an official of PGF, this year's program has attracted approximately 450 juniors aged between 4 and 12 years, marking a significant increase from the previous camp which hosted 238 juniors. The participants have been divided into six main groups namely Tiger, Shaheen, Angel, Shahbaz, Commando, and Eagle, with each group tailored to accommodate 35-40 juniors based on their age and gender.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals including Karam Hussain, Senior Professional of PGF, Malik Pervaiz, Ex-PAF, and Zubair Hussain, Professional PGF, under the directorship of Malik Mohammad Kamran, who currently serves as the Manager of Pakistan Golf Federation, the program aims not only to hone golfing skills but also to introduce the sport to families who are new to golf. This initiative is part of PGF's broader mission to make golf accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Malik Mohammad Kamran said: "This summer school is the largest event ever held in the history of Pakistan, underscoring our commitment to developing golf at the grassroots level. We are excited to witness the enthusiasm and talent of these young golfers and are grateful for the support from Islamabad Police in making this program a success."

The PGF Juniors Golf Coaching & Talent Hunt Program represents a pivotal opportunity for young golf enthusiasts to learn and grow in the sport, fostering a new generation of skilled players who may one day represent Pakistan on the international stage.