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TENNIS - Local News 28 Mar, 2024

General Council Meeting of Islamabad Tennis Association in Islamabad
General Council Meeting of Islamabad Tennis Association in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD (PR): The first General Council Meeting of the Islamabad Tennis Association (ITA) was held on March 25, 2024, at here Islamabad Club, chaired by Tariq Mehmood Murtaza, Chairman and President of Islamabad Tennis Association. All the affiliated units of the ITA were present in the meeting except the representative of Islamabad Tennis Complex.

The meeting was convened by the stipulations outlined in the Constitution of the Islamabad Tennis Association, with the primary objective of establishing the Management Committee and enhancing the operational cohesion between the Islamabad Tennis Association, its affiliated units, and the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF).

In light of Tariq Murtaza's intention to retire from his longstanding service at the ITA due to personal commitments, a proposal has been advanced to nominate Majid Bashir for the position of President of the association. Bashir's distinguished background as an advocate and his extensive experience as the Senior Executive Vice President of the ITA made him a suitable candidate to assume the leadership role within the organization. His commitment to the association's mission and his demonstrated leadership qualities equip him to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, ensuring continuity and excellence in the ITA's endeavors.

The proposal was met with unanimous approval from the members present, who showed their support for Majid Bashir through a show of hands. This indicates a vote of confidence in Bashir's ability to lead the ITA effectively.

Majid Bashir, upon being elected as the new President, expressed his sincere gratitude to the members for their unanimous support. He pledged to dedicate himself to the advancement of tennis in the Capital Territory of Islamabad. Furthermore, he emphasized his commitment to fostering harmony and amicable relations between the affiliated units of the ITA and the PTF. Bashir aims to work towards the development and enhancement of the game of tennis, ensuring its growth and prosperity within the region.