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TENNIS - ITF Juniors 08 Apr, 2024

ITF Asia U14 Development Championships Final starts in Kuching
Sports Bulletin ReportKuching (Malaysia): The ITF Asia Under-14 Development Tennis Championships Final started on Monday in Kuching Malaysia, as the 16-national prestigious international juniors’ event will conclude on April 19, 2024 at the same venue.Besides hosts Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Uzbekistan are participating in the championships.Results (Pakistan Day-1):Boys’ Singles: Ansar Niyetkaliyev (Kazakhstan) beat Omar Jawad 6-1, 6-1Boys’ Doubles: Pantaratorn Dharma / Srisen Tri (Thailand) beat Abu Bakar Talha / Omar Jawad 6-2, 4-6, (10-6)

SQUASH - Int News 08 Apr, 2024

Australia Junior Squash: Pakistani players take start with a bang
Under-15 Syeda Sarah Ali earns a thrilling victory against host girl June Steel 3-2Sports Bulletin ReportMelbourne (Australia): Pakistani boys and girls started their campaign in the Australia Junior Squash Championship 2024 in style by registering impressive victories on the opening day here at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre Albert Park, Victoria on Monday.Results of Pakistan matches:Boys’ U11: Ahrmas Ali (Pak) beat Nathan Lin (Aus) 11-1, 11-1, 11-3 (14 mins)Boys’ U13: Huzaifa Shahid (Pak) beat Daniel Webb (Aus) 11-6, 11-4, 11-8 (23 mins)Mohammad Fawad Khan (Pak) beat Lockie Jones (Aus) 11-3, 11-3, 11-4, (17 mins)Boys’ U15: Azan Ali Khan (Pak) beat Max Jones (Aus) 11-2 11-4 11-2 (15mins)Yahya Khan (Pak) beat Olly Collier (AUS) 11-3, 11-8, 11-8 (19 mins)Boy's U17: Ibrahim Zeb (Pak) beat Phillip H chow (Aus) 11-3, 11-3, 11-2 (21 mins)Girls’ U13: Mahnoor Ali beat Yashica Jiwa (Aus) 11-2, 11-1, 11-1 (18 mins)Girls’ U15: Syeda Sarah Ali (Pak) beat June steel (Aus) 9-11, 11-7, 9-11, 11-5, 12-10 (37mins)Girls’ U17: Mehwish Ali (Pak) beat Limeetha Sai (MAS) 11-4, 12-10, 11-5 (24 mins)

SPORTS NEWS - National 07 Apr, 2024

Pak Heroes Celebrate Sport for Development and Peace Day
Sports Bulletin ReportLAHORE: The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, April 6, was celebrated here by the national hockey players and officials under the banner of Pak Heroes Club and Mohammedan Academy Pakistan Junior Captain Hannan Shahid said: “We wield our sticks not just to score goals, but to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding. On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let us celebrate the unifying power of our sport and strive to create a world where every match played brings us closer to harmony and progress." Pakistan Develop Squad Captain Murtaza Yaqoob said: “On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let us remember that the true victory lies not in the number of goals we score, but in the bonds of friendship and understanding we forge. Field hockey teaches us resilience, teamwork, and respect, qualities that transcend borders and unite us in the pursuit of a more peaceful and inclusive world." Pakistan Police Team Captain Imran Azhar said: “As we commemorate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let’s recognize that every hit, every sprint, and every goal carries the potential to create positive change and pave the way for a more inclusive and peaceful World.”Director Asian Hockey Federation Ghulam Ghous said: “This day primarily teaches us about improving our society and surrounding through caring about everyone. We have to defend the rights of everyone and help them to achieve their aims following the path of humanity. Our thinking should align our actions and the interests of the people surrounding us.”Abid Zia, Chief Executive Crown Micro said: “Justice is the main tool for developing peace in the society.”Amer Sheikh, Chief Executive City Bread said: “Sports teach us tolerance, teamwork and ethics and these are implemented in our daily lives automatically.” Former International player Khalid Qureshi, Iftikhar Butt, Mohammad Shahid, Mohammad Yaqoob, Usman Shaukat, Abdul Qadir Zahid, and Toheed ul Hassan were also present to celebrate this occasion.

CHESS - National 07 Apr, 2024

The City School Bahria hosts a knockout-based chess tournament
ISLAMABAD (PR): In the wake of the successful knockout-based chess tournament hosted by The City School Bahria Chapter, the school administration extended heartfelt appreciation to Principal Marrium Jamshed and her dedicated team for their exemplary leadership and unwavering support throughout the event. Their commitment to academic excellence and fostering a culture of intellectual growth played a pivotal role in making the tournament a resounding success.Marrium Jamshed, the esteemed Principal of City School Bahria Chapter, provided invaluable guidance and inspiration to students, faculty, and volunteers alike. Her vision for holistic education and emphasis on extracurricular activities laid the foundation for the tournament's success, empowering young minds to explore their potential and excel in the game of chess.The school administration also extended gratitude to the guest of honor, Shujaat Ali, from the Islamabad Chess Association, for gracing the event with his presence and unwavering support. Ali's passion for the game and dedication to promoting chess at the grassroots level served as a source of motivation and encouragement for participants, inspiring them to strive for excellence both on and off the chessboard.In recognition of their outstanding contributions and tireless efforts, Principal Marrium Jamshed and Shujaat Ali are commended for their role in making the tournament a memorable and enriching experience for all involved. Their commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for intellectual pursuits exemplifies the spirit of education and community engagement.As The City School Bahria Chapter looks towards the future with optimism and enthusiasm, the school administration remains committed to continuing its tradition of excellence and providing students with opportunities to thrive and succeed. The success of the knockout-based chess tournament serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all involved, paving the way for future initiatives that will inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. 

CRICKET - Int News 07 Apr, 2024

PCB News: Babar Azam reflects on pre-season camp in Kakul
Sports Bulletin ReportLAHORE: Pakistan captain Babar Azam has termed the pre-season camp in Kakul as highly successful, adding that it not only contributed to preparing the players for the long and challenging cricket season ahead but also strengthened unity and understanding amongst the group through strategically designed team bonding exercises and drills.Babar Azam was joined by Aamer Jamal, Azam Khan, Imad Wasim, Naseem Shah and Shadab Khan in paying tribute to the facilities, atmosphere, and support of the highly trained and skilled instructors. They also believed the 11 days spent at the location will help them successfully overcome the demands of upcoming challenges and contribute in producing strong performances.Twenty-nine elite cricketers attended the pre-season camp at the historic and iconic Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul from March 26 to April 6, with the training and drills designed by Pakistan Army experts and strategists. During the camp, there was a focus on team building aimed to enhance the physical and mental strength of the players, ensuring they were in the best condition to face the challenges ahead.Under the guidance of experienced trainers and coaches, the players underwent a comprehensive training regime tailored to elevate their fitness levels, agility, leadership, strategic thinking and overall performance on the field.Pakistan captain Babar Azam said: “This was my third boot camp, and with each visit, I’ve gleaned new insights. This time, our focus extended beyond physical fitness to encompass team bonding activities and performance-improving lectures. These elements are crucial considering our team environment where collective performance is paramount for achieving desired results. The notable deviation from previous camps was the absence of cricket-centric activities. Instead, the emphasis was squarely on physical conditioning, teamwork and mental resilience. Immersed in such an inspiring facility, guided by top-notch instructors and a well-structured programme, all the players have experienced significant growth. I’m confident that we’ll return to competitive cricket as better, fitter and mentally tougher athletes, thereby enhancing our overall performance. Unlike our usual routine during other camps and international series, we engaged in confidence-building exercises and team-building activities. Notably, we opted to share rooms, facilitating deeper connections among team members. These shared spaces fostered discussions ranging from strategic planning and team combinations to the evolution of cricket, latest innovations in the sport, analysis of opponents and our approach to each day's challenges. Given the upcoming cricket fixtures, this camp proves exceptionally valuable. It not only mitigates injury risks but also augments both individual skills and collective team performance.”All-rounder Aamer Jamal said: “These sessions were instrumental in enhancing both our speed and endurance. Given the high altitude of this location, unique training methods were necessary to ensure sufficient oxygen flow to our muscles, and I believe this aspect was one of the most valuable takeaways from our time here in Kakul. Visiting this iconic facility was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The exceptional care and treatment we received added an extra layer of enjoyment and reward to this pre-season camp.”Wicketkeeper-batter Azam Khan said: “The rigorous training at higher altitudes has not only pushed us to our limits but has also markedly enhanced our overall fitness and strength. The picturesque location, steeped in history and achievements, served as a massive source of motivation for all of us, inspiring active participation in the drills and prompting us to make the most of this opportunity. My primary focus has been on enhancing my endurance, and the instructors have been incredibly supportive in this endeavor. While I understand that this is a gradual process, I feel well-prepared and equipped to assimilate all the learnings from this camp and continue working towards achieving the required standards. One of the most valuable aspects of this session has been the fostering of team bonding. We utilised this time to deepen our understanding of each other, drawing significant positive energy from these bonding exercises.”All-rounder Imad Wasim said: “Personally, I benefited tremendously as I was already focused on my rehabilitation and strength. These sessions and drills were markedly different from cricket-related training, but we dedicated extra hours that I'm confident will benefit us all in match situations. The time in Kakul was also crucial from a team bonding perspective. I've sensed, and I'm sure other players have too, that it was valuable to be here, spend time together, and grow closer to each other. This closeness will undoubtedly play a significant role in our performances.”Fast bowler Naseem Shah said: “After some time apart due to the HBL Pakistan Super League, it was truly gratifying to come together and recharge for the cricket challenges that lie ahead. Undoubtedly, there was a significant emphasis on physical fitness, as every athlete aspires to reach peak condition. In this regard, I believe we've successfully met our objectives, and I'll return as a fitter and more adept athlete. We wholeheartedly engaged in each drill, occasionally even competing against one another. This not only fostered camaraderie but also reinforced our unity and team spirit.”All-rounder Shadab Khan said: “It has been a new experience training at these marvelous facilities under the watchful eyes of the Pakistan Army trainers. Undoubtedly, all the cricketers will return with improved fitness levels and standards that will significantly contribute when they take the field in the upcoming challenges. The fitter our players are during the season, the greater our chances of success will be.”

CLIMBING - Int News 06 Apr, 2024

Route to Paris Stops in Keqiao for Opening World Cup
Sports Bulletin ReportKeqiao (China): Just 109 days before the start of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup Series 2024 are kicking off in Keqiao, China, with the first Boulder World Cup competition on Chinese territory since Wujiang 2019.Scheduled over three days, from 8 to 10 April, Keqiao 2024 is meant to be the first half of a double-header that will also include the World Cup Wujiang 2024, featuring Lead and Speed competitions and scheduled from 12 to 14 April.Of the 16 climbers that have already qualified for Paris 2024 in the two Boulder & Lead event, 10 are registered to compete in Keqiao, including Tokyo 2020 gold medallist Janja Garnbret and bronze medallist Jakob Schubert of Austria.Home favourite Zhang Yuetong, who secured her ticket to France at last year’s IFSC Asian Qualifer in Jakarta, Indonesia, will headline a big contingent of 14 Chinese athletes, including Olympian Pan Yufei, World Cup medallist Luo Zhilu, and a group of young first-time participants.Along with the support of the home crowd, Zhang and Pan will also have the advantage of having known the walls and its profiles at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, which hosted Sport Climbing competitions in the very same venue: the Shaoxing Keqiao Yangshan Climbing Center.

CRICKET - Women 06 Apr, 2024

Update on Pakistan women cricketers
Karachi (PR): The Pakistan Cricket Board has provided an update regarding two of its women players, Bismah Maroof and Ghulam Fatima, who were involved in a minor car accident on Friday evening. Despite sustaining minor injuries, both players received immediate first aid and are currently under the care of the PCB medical team.The two players also underwent precautionary CT Scans, which came out clear.Both players are part of the probables attending a training camp for the upcoming series against the West Indies, scheduled to begin on 18 April.

CRICKET - Women 05 Apr, 2024

Australia's Claire Polosak to officiate women’s series in Karachi
Sports Bulletin ReportKARACHI: Australia’s Claire Polosak will officiate as an on-field umpire in all the eight white-ball matches between Pakistan and West Indies women’s cricket teams scheduled in Karachi from 18 April to 3 May.West Indies women’s cricket team will arrive in Karachi on 14 April to play three ODIs – part of ICC Women’s Championship 2022-25 and five T20Is. All eight matches will be played at the National Bank Stadium.In the ODI series, former Test batter and member of the PCB and ICC Elite Panel of Match Referees Ali Naqvi will lead the playing control team, while Muhammad Javed, also part of PCB and ICC Elite Panel of Match Referees will lead the playing control team in T20I series.Alongside Polosak, Abdul Moqeet, Imran Jawed and Nasir Hussain – all part of PCB Elite Panel of Umpires will serve as on-field umpires during the ODI series. Saleema Imtiaz and Humairah Farah, both part of the PCB Women’s Panel of Umpires will be the reserve umpires for the ODI series.For the five T20Is, scheduled from 26 April to 3 May, Polosak will be joined by Faisal Afridi (ICC and PCB Elite Panel of Umpires), Farooq Ali Khan and Tariq Rasheed – both part of PCB Elite Panel of Umpires. Afia Amin, Humairah and Saleema will be reserve umpire in the T20I series.Umpire and match referee appointments (Matches from 18 April to 3 May)18 April – First ODI. Claire Polosak and Nasir Hussain (on-field umpires), Abdul Moqeet (third umpire), Saleema Imtiaz (reserve umpire); Ali Naqvi (match referee)21 April – Second ODI. Claire Polosak and Abdul Moqeet (on-field umpires), Nasir Hussain (third umpire), Humairah Farah (reserve umpire); Ali Naqvi (match referee)23 April – Third ODI. Claire Polosak and Imran Jawed (on-field umpires), Abdul Moqeet (third umpire), Saleema Imtiaz (reserve umpire); Ali Naqvi (match referee)26 April – First T20I. Claire Polosak and Tariq Rasheed (on-field umpires), Nasir Hussain (third umpire), Humairah Farah (reserve umpire); Muhammad Javed (match referee)28 April – Second T20I. Claire Polosak and Tariq Rasheed (on-field umpires), Imran Jawed (third umpire) and Saleema Imtiaz (reserve umpire); Muhammad Javed (match referee)30 April – Third T20I. Claire Polosak and Faisal Afridi (on-field umpires), Tariq Rasheed (third umpire) and Afia Amin (reserve umpire); Muhammad Javed (match referee)2 May – Fourth T20I. Claire Polosak and Farooq Ali Khan (on-field umpires), Imran Jawed (third umpire) and Humairah Farah (reserve umpire); Muhammad Javed (match referee)3 May – Fifth T20I. Claire Polosak and Faisal Afridi (on-field umpires), Farooq Ali Khan (third umpire) and Afia Amin (reserve umpire); Muhammad Javed (match referee)  

FOOTBALL - Int News 04 Apr, 2024

Global Football Talent Showcase Lands in Islamabad
Sports Bulletin ReportISLAMABAD: The Football Academy (TFA), renowned for its global outreach in identifying and nurturing football talent, sets its sights on Islamabad, Pakistan, for its latest talent showcase. Unlike the previous year’s paid showcases across Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore, TFA has revamped its approach, offering a golden opportunity for local talent to shine without any barriers. In a significant move to give back to the community, TFA, in partnership with well-known Pakistani academies, has announced a free talent showcase slated for April 18.As many as 99 free tickets for this exclusive event mark a pivotal moment in TFA’s mission to democratize access to professional football opportunities, reflecting a commitment to fostering sports development and talent recognition in communities that are rich in potential yet often overlooked.Ali El Jishi, The Sporting Director of TFA said: “Last year, we made a promise to come back, and we are here to fulfill that promise. Our commitment to nurturing talent is stronger than ever. This free showcase in Islamabad is just the beginning. We envision a future where our strategic partnerships extend beyond the field, developing coaches and delivering camps that could eventually evolve into a TFA franchise here. It’s about laying down a sustainable foundation for football in Pakistan.”As a professional football club that travels the globe to accelerate players’ careers in professional football, TFA’s Talent Showcase Tours have made waves in cities such as Reykjavik, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Addis Ababa, and Trinidad and Tobago. Now, as they prepare to make their mark in Bahrain, after Pakistan aiming to uncover the next generation of football stars.The showcase in Islamabad follows a rigorous yet promising format: 99 players will be trialed across three different sessions, with each session hosting 33 hopefuls. From this talented pool, the top 25-30 players will be chosen for a final match, showcasing their skills in a competitive setting that mirrors the pressures and triumphs of professional play. The most exceptional one to three players from this final will earn a 30-day trial in Dubai with TFA’s Future Team and First Team. Success in this trial means more than just recognition—it opens the door to signing a professional football contract with the club.“Our goal is to reach into the heart of communities and bring out those shining stars that haven’t had a platform before. Islamabad, with its rich cultural heritage and love for football, is the perfect stage,” says a spokesperson from TFA. As April 18 approaches, excitement builds not just among the aspiring footballers of Islamabad but also within the broader Pakistani sports community.Through initiatives like these, TFA continues to strengthen its reputation as a forward-thinking club committed to football’s global development. The Islamabad showcase is poised to be a landmark event, promising to uncover and polish the raw gems of Pakistan’s football talent, setting them on a path towards international sportsmanship and success.  
Timber Wolves lift All Pakistan Ramadan Cup Basketball Title
ISLAMABAD (Press Release): Timber Wolves Islamabad defeated YMCA Lahore in a decisive battle to win the club category final of the All Pakistan 3x3 Ramadan Cup Basketball Tournament here at Pakistan Sports Complex.In the final of the club category of the six-day tournament organized by the Federal Basketball Association, YMCA Lahore dominated in the final till mid of the match with 10-6 points but Ali Hamza Kazmi showed some impressive performances in the last two minutes to help six consecutive points for Timber Wolves team and changed the game in their favour and won the final with 18 points against 14.Ali Hamza Kazmi scored 14 points and Sher Shehzad scored four points for the winning side while Khalid Saadi scored seven points and Muhammad Salman scored five points for YMCA.President Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBBF), Brigadier (Rtd) Mohammad Iftikhar Mansoor who was the chief guest of the closing ceremony appreciated the efforts of the tournament organizing secretary Ouj E Zahoor and all other members for providing the best arrangements for this tournament and said that Pakistan Basketball Federation will continue their efforts to promote basketball in the country specially to organize such events in the future as well so that the youth get an opportunity to show the essence of their abilities.Deputy Director General Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Mohammad Saeed Akhtar, Pakistan Basketball Federation Associate Secretary and Organizing Committee Secretary Ouj E Zahoor, President Federal Basketball Association Ejaz Rafi Butt, PBBF Chairman Selection Committee Col. (R) Shujaat Ali Rana, National Coach Malik Mohammad Riaz, Mohammad Azam Dar and other dignitaries were also attended the closing ceremony.Earlier In the semifinals round of the club tournament, Timber Wolves thrashed Bulls A by 18-11 points and YMCA beat Reapers Red by 20-12 points.