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Others10 Jan 2020

Under-18 National Juniors Snooker Championship starts at PSC
By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (January 10, 2020):-The 5th Jubilee Insurance Under-18 National Junior Snooker Championship 2020 started on Friday here at Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Billiard and Snooker Hall in the premises of Pakistan Sports Complex (PSC). Top national juniors players from all four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber PakhtoonKawa (KPK) and Islamabad are participating the national event to show their game skills. Results (Day 1): Zubair Tahir (Punjab) beat Kamran Chaudhry (Islamabad) 3-2 (40-55, 57-24, 60-58, 41-54, 69-17) Mohammad Waqas (Sindh) beat Muhammad Mudassir (Balochistan) 3-1 (47-56, 75-22, 64-52(64), 80-12) Abdul Hadi (Sindh) beat Jawad Ali (Balochistan) 3-1 (32-59, 62-26, 65-21, 51-20) Mohammad Hamza Ilyas (Pjb) beat Mohammad Awais (KPK) 3-0 (55-15, 67-23, 68-32) Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) beat Shaikh Qamber (Sindh) 3-0 (62-11(54), 105-8(60), 67-62) Mohammad Ibrar (KPK) beat Zohaib Mustafa (Islamabad) 3-0 (59-45, 70-30, 53-15) Mohammad Shehryar Abbas (Punjab) beat Rizwan Durrani (Balochistan) 3-0 (82-01(60), 63-02, 60-05) Kamran Ali (Sindh) beat Awais Ahmed (KPK) 3-1 (66-35, 46-63, 61-07, 49-07) Mohammad Umer Khan (Pjb) beat Syed Anus Zafar (Sindh) 3-0 (78-44, 69-20, 80-9(52)) Shehryar Khan (Sindh) beat Shawais Moris (KPK) 3-0 (55-20, 61-31, 54-14) Kamran Albert Masih (KPK) beat Fardeen (Punjab) 3-2 (16-64, 64-42, 57-39, 19-59, 53-50) Umer Junaid (Sindh) beat Junaid Khalid (Balochistan) 3-0 (65-14, 60-32, 57-08) Kamran Chaudhry (Islamabad) beat Mohammad Mudassir (Balochistan) 3-0 (86-5, 57-14, 54-36) Abdul Hadi (Sindh) beat Mohammad Awais (KPK) 3-1 (34-61, 56-18, 66-60, 53-23) Rizwan Durrani (Balochistan) beat Kamran Ali (Sindh) 3-0 (63-42, 78-25, 56-27) Saturday’s Fixtures Syed Bilal Shah (Bal) V/S Syed Anus Zafar (Sindh) Ahtisham Asghar (Pjb) V/S Shawais Moris (Kp) Mohaib Kasi (Bal) V/S Fardeen (Pjb) Malik Muzammil Khan (Kp) V/S Umer Junaid (Sindh) Mohammad Waqas (Sindh) V/S Zubair Tahir (Pjb) Mohammad Hamza Ilyas (Pjb) V/S Jawad Ali (Bal) Zohaib Mustafa (Isb) V/S Shaikh Qamber (Sindh) Awais Ahmed (Kp) V/S Mohammad Shehryar Abbas (Pjb) Mohammad Umer Khan (Pjb) V/S Syed Bilal Shah (Bal) Shehryar Khan (Sindh) V/S Ahtisham Asghar (Pjb) Kamran Albert Masih (Kp) V/S Mohaib Kasi (Bal) Junaid Khalid (Bal) V/S Malik Muzammil Khan (Kp) Mohammad Mudassir (Bal) V/S Zubair Tahir (Pjb) Mohammad Awais (Kp) V/S Jawad Ali (Bal) Mohammad Ibrar (Kp) V/S Shaikh Qamber (Sindh) Kamran Ali (Sindh) V/S Muhammad Shehryar Abbas (Pjb)

Others09 Jan 2020

Girls Sports Gala: Lahore Board claims 14 medals
By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (January 9, 2020):-Educational Board Lahore collected 14 medals including 8 gold 5 Silver and one Bronze in the Pakistan Inter Board Girls Sports Gala 2020 on the 4th day at Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad. Lahore Board defeated Islamabad in the hockey final by 14.0 while Gujranwala defeated Faisalabad by 3.1 in the third position play off at Naseer Bunda Hockey Stadium. Badminton: Intermediate Board Karachi defeated Islamabad Board 2.0 in the final while in the third position match, Abbottabad defeated Faisalabad by 2.0. Volley Ball: Islamabad beat Mirpur Kashmir in the final match of volleyball by 2.0 while Rawalpindi Board defeated Lahore by 2.0 in the third position match Athletics: In the 200m race, Lahore's Sanina took first position while Lahore's Amtal Rehman took second while Radha Tariq of Sargodha took third position. In the discus throw, Aisha Qadir of Sargodha took the first position, Islamabad Board of Asea took second position and Faisalabad's self-styled experts took third position Relay race in 400 meters 400 meters, Insa, Saman and his team of Lahore take first position, Hira, Alisha and his team from Faisalabad took second position and Sahiwal's Saba, Nuria and his team took third position. The guest of honor for the closing ceremony was Special Member of the National Assembly Standing Committee for Defense Amjad Ali Khan Niazi along with Prof. Shahid Munir Jarrar Chairman Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Agha Amjadullah Deputy Director General PSB, Mohammad Azam Dar, Deputy Director General (Tech), Mohammad Ramzan Jamali Ghulam Shabbir Channa Organizing Secretary, IBSC Makhdoom Irshad Ahmed, Ghulam Taqi Khan Bosan and Mohammad Sabir Khan were Director Sports Men, who distributed medals and prizes among the players.  

Others07 Jan 2020

Wheelchair Marathon on January 9, 2020
By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (January 7, 2020):-The wheelchair marathon race will be taken place in capital city Islamabad on January 9, 2020, said an official of organizing committee Agha Hussnain Raza on Tuesday. Pakistan Sport Council of Person with Disabilities (PSCPD) in collaboration with Saaya Association of Persons with Disabilities, Milestone, Disabled Welfare Association and Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) will stage this event, which will also be supported by Handicap International (HI) and UN-WOMEN. The race will be held on Thursday morning from 10:00am to 12:00Pm at F-10 Roundabout near Macdonald. The athletes from twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad will take part in the marathon race and trophies and other prizes will be distributed among the special athletes at closing ceremony.

Others06 Jan 2020

Inter Boards sports gala starts at Sports Complex
MB Khan ISLAMABAD ( January 6, 2020):-Under the control of Inter Board Sports Committee (IBSC) and Baluchistan Education Board (BEB) the Pakistan Inter Board Sports Girls Gala started at Pakistan Sports Complex (PSC) Islamabad on Monday. Member National Assembly (MNA) and Parliament Secretary Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Saima Nadeem graced the opening ceremony as chief guest and she inaugurated the sports gale in a colourful ceremony. She said on this occasion, “Sports are very important for health and sports are also significant for girls”. Moreover, she added that it was the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan that government should make plans for the progress in the girls’ sports and promote it.  Badminton: Secondary Education Board Karachi beat Education Board Larhkana 2-0. In the second match, Educational Board Gujranwala beat Peshawar Board 2-0. Hockey: Educational Board Lahore beat Intermediate Education Board Karachi 10-0. Table Tennis: Education Board Shaiwal beat Swat Board 2-0. In second match, Punjab Technical Board Lahore beat Intermediate Karachi 2-0 and in the third match Education Board Bannu beat Secondary Board Karachi 2-0. Five games will be played in the Girls Sports Gala 2020 which games are hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics and Wolli ball and this Championship is going to be start from 6th to 9th January, sponsored by Pakistan Sports Board.        

Others04 Jan 2020

All Pakistan Sports Gala starts from Monday at PSC
By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (January 4, 2020):-All Pakistan Inter Board Sports Gala will start from Monday (January 6, 2020) at Pakistan Sports Complex (PSC) under the control of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). According a spokesman for PSB, Mohammad Azam Dar, who is also Deputy Director General Technical, an organizing committee has been formulated to manage the all things to make this event successfully. He added, “As many as 25 Educational Boards from all over the country will participate in both boys and girls events during sports gale. Girls will reach in Islamabad on 5th January while boys on 10th January, 2020. From 6th to 9th January girls’ competition will be held and the games which will be played are Athletics, badminton, hockey, volleyball  and table tennis whereas boys’ different games will be held from 11th to 15th January which games are athletics, badminton, hockey, football and table tennis, “he said. “Pakistan Sports Board will facilitate to players residence and ground. He included that because of all these events games will be promoted on grass root level and such events should be organized for the youngsters’ safety from the evils of society.  Few days back in a meeting between the officials of Chairman Inter Board Committee Professor Mohammad Yousaf  Baloach and Pakistan Sports Board about the final structure of the events of Sports Gala and checked out all the preparations, “he concluded..         

Others30 Dec 2019

Pakistan claims the second General Trophy of the 2nd Students Olympic Asian Games 2019
By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (December 30, 2019):-Pakistan has won the second General Trophy with 1550 points in the 2nd Students Olympic Asian Games 2019 that concluded at Johor Bahru, Malaysia on Monday. India remained on top with 1600 points. According to spokesman for Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), the Students Olympic International Games 2019-2020 were held at Larkin Sports Complex Johor Bahru Malaysia from 27th to 30th December 27 to 30, 2019, which were organized under the banner of Malaysia Students Olympic Association and Students Olympic Council of Asia and Ministry of Sports Johor Bahru Malaysia. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia participated in the 4-day international students’ showpiece. Under-16, Under-17 and Under-19 events were held in the seven sports disciplines including Futsal, Throwball, Handball, Table Teenis, Badminton, Yoga and Kabbdi. Dr. Rama Crishnan Minister Johor Bahru Malaysia was the chief guest in closing ceremony and distribution to Trophies, Medals for winner and runner teams. Dr Pardeep Secretary Students Olympic Council of Asia announced the 3rd Students Olympic Games 2020 will be hosted by the Baku city Azerbaijan. Results: Futsal- (Boys U-17 Final) Pakistan beat Malaysia, 4-2 Goals and Pakistan won the GoldMedal. Throwball (Boys  U-17 Final)  Sri Lanka beat Pakistan, 2-1 Sets, Sri Lanka won the Gold Medal and Pakistan won the Silver Medal. Handball (Boys U-17, Final) Pakistan beat India, 12-7 Goals and Pakistan won the Gold Medal Table Tennis (U-15,16,17,19) U-16, Single Pakistan won the gold Medal and Double 17 Silver and U-15 Double Bronze Medal. Pakistan Won Medals Futsal, Gold Handball, Gold Table Tennis, Gold Throwball, Silver Table Tennis Double, Silver Table Tennis Double, Bronze

Others30 Dec 2019

SSGC wins the 65th National Track Cycling Championship-2019
Faraz Ahmed Kayani   ISLAMABAD (December 30, 2019):-Three-day 65th National Track Cycling Championship concluded at Cycling Velodrom, Lahore on Monday. SSGC’s Women won the 1st position by gaining 165 points, second position achieved by KP Cycling Association Team and third by the Punjab Cycling Association by aggregating 68 and 62 points respectively.  Male Championship is also won by Sui Southern Gas Corporation (SSGC) by begging 171 points, second by Punjab 94 and third by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) by gaining 38 points. Razzaq of SSGC declared men’s elite champion, he gained 65 points. Rajia Shabir of SSGC declared as Women Elite Champion, she got 75 points. Nashmia of Punjab declared Women Junior Champion and Mohammad Sharif of Punjab declared men’s junior champion. Amna Imran Khan DG Pakistan Sports Board with Ihsan Bota secretary Punjab Sport Ministry and director Admin Punjab Sports Board Javed Chohan distributed trophies and medals among the winner at closing ceremony.  

Others29 Dec 2019

Gilgit Baltistan Ski Association wins the Saadia Khan Ski Cup 2019
    By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (December 29, 2019):-Gilgit Baltistan Ski Association has won the Saadia Khan Ski Cup 2019 that was held at Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Ski Resort, Naltar. In the Under-14 and Under-16 events, Gilgit Baltistan athletes clinched the trophies while PAF won the trophies in the Boys Under-14 and Under-16 discipline of Ice Hockey. The winners were awarded trophies. In the women’s slalom category, Umaima Wali was awarded gold medal whereas Jiya Ali got silver medal. In the children ski competition, Girls’ Under-14 slalom, Mishal Hussain won the gold medal while Marrium Iqbal was awarded silver medal. In Boys’ ’’s Under-16 Saifullah won gold medal while Zubair Ali got silver medal. The gold medal in Boys’ Under-14 slalom category was clinched by Zaman Ali, while Zahir Ullah got silver medal. In the women’s giant slalom category, Khusheen Sahiba won the gold medal whereas Humaima Wali was awarded silver medal. In Skating Boys category-I Mohammad Iqbal was awarded the gold medal. In 2nd Speed Skating competition girls Under-12 Mishal Hussain won gold medal. In girls under-16 Minhal Aziz was awarded gold medal. In master category Khusheen Sahiba won the gold medal. Mubashir, Saifullah and Zia ur Rehman in under 12, under 16 and master category were awarded gold medals in their respective categories. On Sunday, a prize distribution ceremony was held, as the Air Marshal Javad Saeed Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Administration) attended as chief guest. A large number of civil and military officials were present at the ceremony. Skiers from different Ski Associations, from all across Pakistan participated in the championship. At the end chief guest distributed medals and trophies among the players in different disciplines.            

Others28 Dec 2019

National Track Cycling Championship 2019 paddles off
  By Abdul Jabbar Faisal ISLAMABAD (December 28, 2019):-The 65th National Track Cycling Championship commenced on Saturday in Cycling Velodrome, Lahore. Akbar Durrani Secretary Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) inaugurated the championship in a colorful ceremony. Besides large number of Sports lovers, Director General, Pakistan Sport Board (PSB) Amna Imran Khan, and president Athletic Federation (AFP) Major General (Retd) Mohammad Akram Sahi were present in the inaugural ceremony of the championship. Top athletes from all provincial cycling association, Islamabad, Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) Wah, Biekstan Cycling Club, Karachi and SSGC are participating in the top national cycling event. Nisar Ahmed Secretary General, Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) is the organizing Secretary of the event. Mohammad Ali, Javed Khan, Shahzada Butt, Muzam Khan are members of Organizing Committee. In his welcome address, Syed Azhar Ali Shah President PCF, appeal the federal government for provision of funds for the renovation of the cycling velodrome Lahore, he also requested federal and provincial governments to establish one Velodrom in the federal and provincial capitals. He also requested all provincial local government departments to make provision for cycling tracks in their all future residential plans. Amna Imran Khan DG PSP in her address thanked Syed Azhar Ali Shah for being informing about the problems of cycling, she assured that PCF and all other sports that PSB is committed to provide all available facilities to sports. Akbar Durrani Secretary IPC in his address thanked Syed Azhar Ali Shah President PCF and all others, he said that there was a need to impose Sports Emergency in Pakistan, as sports was the only source to provide recreation and good health to the people of Pakistan. He expressed sorrow on the state of affairs of sports in Pakistan; he assured that IPC would provide all possible facilities to PCF for its endeavors for the promotion of sport of cycling in Pakistan. Total 24 events of male and female in both elite and junior categories will held in three days championships. About 100 riders and officials are taking part in this event. On the first day of championship 7 events of both male and female in both elite and junior categories were held.     Results (500 Meter): Rider Name Team Time Points 1 Rajia Shabir (SSGC) 00:45:96-15 2 Haleema (KPK) 00:49:36 10 3 Humaira Shoukat (Punjab) 00:52:02 6 4 Zubaida (Balochistan) 01:04:63 4   Women Junior Individual Time Trial (one lap) Rider Name Team Time Position Points 1 Nashmia (Punjab) 00:34:05 1st 15 2 Unsa Babar (Islamabad) 00:37:05 2nd 10 3 Malika Shahid (KPK) 00:45:55 3rd 6 4 Mahnoor (Balochistan) 00:48:57 4th 4   Men Elite Individual Time Trial– Finals Raace Distance: 1000 M Rider Name Team Time Position Points 1 Razzaq (SSGC) 1:14:31 1st 15 2 Syed Aqib Shah (Punjab) 1:15:31 2nd 10 3 Zainullah (Balochistan) 1:18:22 3rd 6 4 Hanzala Bikistan 1:18:87 4th 4 5 Umer Farooq (KPK) 1:21:47 5th 2 6 Mohammad Habib (Sindh) 1:37:43 6th 1   Men Junior Individual Time Trial– Finals Race Distance: 500m Rider Name Team Time Position Points 1 M. Shareef (Punjab) 00:39:52 1st 15 2 Abdul Hameed (Balochistan) 00:40:44 2nd 10 3 Aftab (KPK) 00:41:11 3rd 6 4 Arshad Ali (Sindh) 00:45:58 4th 4  

Others27 Dec 2019

Saadia Khan and Children Ski Cup culminate at Naltar Ski Resort
  Faraz Ahmed Kayani ISLAMABAD (December 27, 2019):-The qualifying rounds of Saadia Khan and Children Ski Cup culminated successfully at Naltar Ski Resort. A large number of ski enthusiasts and locals witnessed the thrilling and spectacular competitions. Prominent national skiers from all over the country contested for their place in the main rounds of the competition. Players demonstrated their skills at best under the freezing temperatures and treacherous slope. Pakistan Air Force has developed the resort at par with the world class standards by providing all possible facilities of international caliber.  The event is named after a great young skier Saadia Khan who lost her precious life in a tragic car accident at age of 24 years. The tournament is being organized to provide opportunity to female players from all across the country to challenge their mental and physical toughness.