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KPL13 Aug 2021

KPL promotes tourism in Kashmir: Adil Waheed
AAMIR SHAHZAD Mazaffarabad (August 13, 2021):-“The Kashmir Premier League (KPL) is not only addition in the T20 cricket but also an opportunity to show this beautiful land of breathtaking valleys and tremendous potential of youth and local cricketers. Sports bring countries and their people closer. It should be the choice of players to choose where to play. Healthy completion between playing countries and players always brings positivity and goodwill. Sports and politics should be kept separate”, said Adil Waheed, CEO and Co-Owner of Mirpur Royals, Kashmir Premier League (KPL) during a interview on Friday. Adil Waheed said that good competitive cricket of international standard and a lot of fun for the spectators and viewers in AJK. Definitely by the end of the tournament, some good quality young emerging cricketers would come into limelight with good prospects of playing at international level. He said that primarily the KPL would help in projection of the beautiful land rich in nature and culture. Other than that, KPL would give recognition to the young local talent by providing them a bigger platform to perform and show their abilities to be known at national and international level. “For the people of Kashmir, this tournament will bring a positive and refreshing impact and will let them showcase their culture and hospitality to the visitors and guests coming from different parts of Pakistan and from other countries. Kashmir has great potential of tourism and KPL will help in promoting the tourism. Additionally, KPL will help in image building of Kashmir”, he maintained. "We have outlined a plan for post first edition. However, at the moment, we are concentrating more on the tournament. The management of Mirpur Royals will sit together after the tournament to determine a way forward as far as the player’s development and grooming is concerned. Our management will analyse the team performance and identify the areas for improvement and also to deal with lessons learned during the tournament", he further added. While replying a question, Adil Waheed siad that the KPL would provide an occasion to local talent to show their skills to the world and the government that might support them for a bright future. “Despite various challenges and lacking of playing grounds and facilities, there is great potential in youth to excel in cricket and other sports to promote their homeland and its features”, head of Mirpur Royal concluded.